10 Video Games With Vikings

For Honor

For Honor is a hack and slash video game developed by Ubisoft Montreal and published by Ubisoft for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One. For Honor is set in the medieval age and includes three factions, the Vikings, the Knights and the Samurai with each faction having 4 classes (with 2 more added in later updates) added which all pretty much do the same thing with classes really being for aesthetic reasons.

War Of The Vikings

War Of The Vikings is an action hack and slash developed by Fatshark and released by Paradox Interactive, and it is a standalone title in the ‘War’ franchise, the game’s plot revolves around the Viking invasion of England, with the game allowing you to choose between the Saxons and the Vikings. The player has the ability to customize their character from everything to armor and weaponry to perks and even beards.

Viking Squad

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Viking Squad is an action adventure indie beat’em up video game developed and published by Slick Entertainment Inc., in the game you join up with a ‘Viking Squad’ with the aim of beating the enemies of antagonist Loki and the aim of opening again the games of Valhalla. Each character in the game has their own unique weapon meaning every player has a unique combat style, you are able to choose Gods which offer benefits and also all the art and graphics in the game is hand-drawn. The game also has a co-op mode that allows up to three players to play with each other.

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Volgarr The Viking

Volgarr The Viking is an action platformer video game developed by Crazy Viking Studios and published by Adult Swim Games. In the game, the player controls protagonist Volgarr who has been given the job of defeating an evil dragon, he is armed with a sword, a spear and a wooden shield which can all be upgraded and replaced with better weapons.

The Banner Saga

The Banner Saga is a fantasy tactical role-playing video game developed by Stoic who are a trio of ex-Bioware developers and published by Versus Evil. The game takes place in a fictional world inspired Viking mythology where the world is occupied by humans and also a giant-like creatures known as the Varls and the antagonists a humanoid race known as the Dredge that was believed to be extinct but has returned to destroy the humans and the Varls. The game sees you make various decisions that affect the final endings and how characters perceive throughout the game with battles being turn-based.


Jotun is a hand-drawn action-exploration video game set in Norse mythology developed and published by Thunder Lotus Games. The plot of the game revolves a Viking warrior called Thora who died an inglorious death and must prove herself to the Gods to enter the Viking heaven known as Valhalla.

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Heimdall is an action adventure video game developed by 8th Day studios and published by Core Design for the MS-DOS, Amiga and Atari ST in 1991. The game is set around Heimdall a mythical character who is the son Odin, you are charged with bringing back 3 mythical weapons that were stolen by antagonist Loki. The game is pretty advanced for its time as it sees you and up-to six other charaters traversing the massive map which is made up of three islands.

War Of The Roses

War Of The Roses video game is an action adventure hack and slash video game developed by Fatshark who also developed another game on the list called War Of The Vikings, the game does not allow you to control or play as a Viking instead it lets you choose between the House of York or the House of Lancaster which are both powerful English families that were fighting for the English throne in what was known as the War Of The Roses. The video game has a campaign mode where you have to capture settlements and win battles to push back the Viking invaders with battles using a checkpoint system where you need to capture the most checkpoints to win.

Viking: Battle For Asgard

Viking Battle For Asgard is another action-adventure hack and slash Viking video game on this list, the game is developed by Creative Assembly and published by SEGA with the game being announced in 2007 and released in 2012. The game is set in the mythical world of Midgard with the player able to freely roam all the islands that make up the world, the player controls his own character but it has a similar system to Mount & Blade in that you can build up your own army to assist you by rescuing soldiers and also completing various quests.

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Medieval 2: Total War (The Brittania Campaign)

Medieval Total War 2 is a turn-based historical strategy game developed by Creative Assembly and published by SEGA, the game has four expansions and The Brittania expansion sees you play on a massive map compromising the British Isles where you can play as the Norwegians which is essentially the Vikings and fight against the Scots, the English, the Welsh and the Irish for control of the British Isles.

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