11 Of Rome Total War 2’s Best Mods

11 Of Rome Total War 2’s Best Mods

champLoo’s Gold Unit Compilation

This mod adds hundreds of new mods to the game but without flooding your game with unnecessary or similar units instead, it creates a balanced game and allows you to play as you like without the weaknesses in certain areas that all armies experience in Rome Total War 2. (Mod link:

Rome: Total War Music

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The Rome: Total War Music adds music from the first Rome Total War game to Rome Total War 2, it adds in total 11 new background music and many more battle music sounds as well as all the intros from Rome Total War for anyone looking to experience them. (Mod link:

Four Turn Per Year Mod ( 4TPY )

This mod does what it says on the tin and changes the way turns work so now it takes 4 turns for a game year to pass, meaning that your campaign games are now longer and that your characters age 1/4 as fast. However, the only issue is that you can save your games the normal way but it is still possible by editing your save games. (Mod link:

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Traits, Talents and Toadies: Character Overhaul

This mod adds a custom skill trees for generals and agents, adds extra detail to army traditions with factions now having their own unique army traditions and some minor but beneficial changes to each faction’s ancillaries. (Mod link:

Better Blood Textures for Blood & Gore DLC

This mod enhances and builds on what already the official Blood & Gore DLC released by Creative Assembly introduces. With this mod you get better blood textures on bodies, blood on the ground and blood splatter to name a few of the benefits. You do need the Blood & Gore DLC for this to work. (Mod link:

Radious Total War Mod

This mod is simply great, it builds on a lot of areas and improves the game overall, it improves the AI, the diplomacy, the battles both on land and naval battles, introduces new abilities and also a few new units to point out just a few.  (Mod link:

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Lord Buio “Sparta Anthology Reskin”

This mod adds new Spartan and Greek units aswell as reskins the existing ones already provided by Creative Assembly in the main game. (Mod link:

Dresden Sack, Liberation and Diplomatic Options Mod

This mod removes all diplomatic restrictions on the city actions you can take now all factions thanks to this mod can take part in sacking, liberating, looting, razing, subjugating, confederating, forming satrapies and forming client states. (Mod link:

Improved Event Pictures

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The improved event pictures fixes what Creative Assembly should have already added in a game that cost £40, for example, the poison event picture is used for all agent actions regardless of what they are. This mod is simply for aesthetics but it still improves the game a lot. (Mod link:

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Agent Cards Redone

This mod is another aesthetic mod which adds hundreds of new agent cards to the game with agent cards being the portrait of all in-game characters. (Mod link:

Better Building, Skill and Trait Icons – Emperor Editing

These mod updates the  building icons and adds more detailed information to them. Thanks to this mod now building icons have the bonuses inside the icon have the bonuses they provided making it easier and quicker to decide what buildings to build in your cities. (Mod link:

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