11 Video Game Characters With Autism

Charlie Kane’s Unnamed Son (Twisted Metal Black)

Twisted Metal Black is a vehicular combat game developed by Incognito Entertainment and published by Sony Computer Entertainment and the fifth installment in the Twisted Metal series. In the game, there is a character known as Charlie Kane who is an old and lonely cab driver from New York who joins the Twisted Metal contest in order to find out what happened to his older son that became a Twisted Metal driver. Charlie Kane also has another son who is never given a name but is used to tell the story of Charlie Kane throughout the game and its made obvious eventually that Charlie’s younger son suffers from dyslexia.

Jade (Fahrenheit)

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Jade otherwise known as the Indigo Child is a character from interactive drama action-adventure video game Fahrenheit, she is a young girl that is an in-game legend with her existence being prophesied throughout the game. She is key to the game as she is the secret of the universe and controls unlimited power that can decide the fate of humanity. She is an autistic orphan and her parents are completely unknown but there are in-game references that they possibly abandoned her.

Dr. Brigid Tenenbaum (BioShock)

Dr. Brigid Tenenbaum is a geneticist who discovered ADAM and helped develop it for commercial sales. Dr. Tenenbaum was diagnosed with autism at an early age but regardless of this, she became a world-renowned scientist. She disappears after the Second World War with rumours she was kidnapped by the United States or the Soviet Union due to her collaboration with the Nazis however later in the game she is found in Rapture.

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Simone Cole (Clive Barker’s Jericho)

Simone Cole is a programmer and numerologist who was diagnosed with autism at the age of 4, she is known in the game for her attention to detail and her obsession with numbers (a trait present in some people with autism). She is also known in the game for being protective of her computer system so protective that she values the protection of her computer over her own protection.

David Archer (Mass Effect 2)

David Archer is the brother of Cerberus chief Dr. Gavin Archer, he is an autistic mathematician with rapid calculation abilities (like a human calculator) and photographic memory and even more interestingly he is a human hybrid meaning he is part human and part robot so he is able to interact with various robots and systems and hack and spike doors.

River Wyles (To The Moon)

River Elizabeth Wyles known in the game simply as River Wyles is one of the main characters in video game ‘To The Moon’ and the wife of protagonist Johnny. River Wyles dies early in the game before the main storyline begins, she dies from a terminal illness (the actual illness is not specified) but she refuses treatment as the massive cost of the treatment would prevent Johnny from finishing the house he has been building for years.

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Amy (Amy)

Amy is the protagonist of the namesake game called Amy, a survival horror stealth game released in 2012 by developers VectorCell and published by Lexis Numeriq. The story is based around Amy an autistic psychic child and her protector Lana with the aim of taking Amy out of the zombie infested city they find themselves in with Amy having many abilities such as healing Lana from zombie infection (with Amy being immune herself) and also hacking computers.

Patricia Tannis (Borderlands 2)

Patricia Tannis is a non-player character in Borderlands 2, she is a researcher, scientist and archaeologist who is portrayed throughout the Borderlands 2 game to be mentally unstable. Tannis is autistic but also suffer from other mental illneses such as sociophobia and has slight sociopathic tendacies that see her not care about doing experiments on humans.

Satya “Symmetra” Vaswani (Overwatch)

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Known generally just a Symmetra, Symmetra is one of the heroes in popular multiplayer team-based shooter Overwatch, her weapons of choice are her light-bending Photon Projector her ability to shield allies and also her teleports. She is known as one of the ‘good’ characters with her aims always being to help and benefit humanity and tries to be as morally correct as she can. In the Overwatch lore, it is also revealed that she is on the Autistic spectrum, and is noted that she has trouble with social interactions and finds unease if things are unordered.

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Josh Sauchak (Watch Dogs 2)

Josh Sauchak is one of the main characters in Watch Dogs 2, game praised for trying to break boundaries by introducing a lot of females, mix raced and other groups of people usually not taking prominent roles in Triple A video games. Josh is a grey hat hacker meaning he is on the fence of doing illegal hacking activities and legal hacking activities, he is portrayed in the game as being a bit socially awkward and usually has very little to say in cutscenes but is a genius hacker that can hack into literally any system.

Rell (Warframe)

Rell is a member of the Tenno civilization in Warframe and was one of the children onboard the ill-fated Zariman Ten-Zero, Rell is noted in the game for being quite and avoiding social interactions and is not able to properly express his emotions furthermore his situation is not improved by the fact that he is constantly deemed upon by his superior Orokin for not being apparently stable enough for combat resulting in him being cast out from the warrior civilization of the Tenno.

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