13 Of Europa Universalis’ 4 Best Mods

Extended Timeline

The Extended Timeline is, in my opinion, the best mod available for Europa Universalis 4, it’s like a whole new as it allows you to expand the timeline from 2AD to 9999 AD and offers new ready-made scenarios such as the Roman Empire to the present day with all modern nations available to play us. This mod does, even more, it introduces extra techs and policies that allow you to unlock previously unlockable units such as tanks and modern artillery, however, the only real negative is that on-map army graphic stays as its default of a pikeman to rifleman and if they can find a way to update to that of maybe a tank or modern-day marine it will be the Cherry on top of the cake. (Mod link:

Veritas et Fortitudo

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Veritas et Fortitudo is a mod that allows for extended gameplay and offers historical and alternate history on the current global map or even on brand new maps, so it is very similar to Extended Timeline. But this mod may not really extend the timeline but it allows for you to edit other aspects that the Extended Timeline does not such as religion, technologies and even trade. (Mod link:

Common Universalis

Common Universalis is an overhaul mod that makes big changes on the mechanics of urbanization, literacy and edicts with other minor changes on buildings with Transportation, Education and Agriculture buildings added and also changes to how the Idea system works. (Mod link:

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Imperium Universalis

Imperium Universalis is an awesome mod that transforms univeralis into an ancient world grand strategy game, this mod changes the timeline from 559BC to 195AD. What is great about this mod is the work that has gone in it with hundreds of playable nations and the same amount of nations that can be released or break away and furthermore the armies on the map have had their graphics altered to look like Ancient Greek and Roman soldiers which is a pretty nice touch. (Mod link:

Graphical Map Improvements

The Graphic Map Improvements mod may be a simple mod but its great, the Graphical Map Improvement mod adds new HD terrain textures, seasons and water as well as larger orders and country names which make the map much more pleasing to the eye and easy to read. (Mod link:

Transparent Political Mapmode

The Transparent Political Mapmode mod is another aesthetic mod, the mod makes the borders thicker and also recolors the water to make it into a better darker more in-depth color that makes it both pleasing to the eye and stand out from the nations. (Mod link:

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Theatrum Orbis Terrarum (Carthog Reloaded)

Theatrum Orbis Terrarum translates from Latin as “Theatre of the World” which is also the name of the first true accurate world atlas. The mod also makes the border thicker and recolours the water however it does a lot of other aesthetic improvements such as recolouring the trees, recoloring the rivers, adds a unique new fog of war and adds Great Power symbols to name just a couple of the changes. (Map link:

Purple Pheonix Arise

The Purple Pheonix Arise is a mod designed to work for players looking to play as the Byzantium Empire, the Roman Empire or the Roman Republic. The mod adds custom theme loading screens, it allows for the option of the restoration of the Roman Empire, unique national ideas for the Roman Empire and new goverment types to name just a few of the features this mod adds. (Mod link:

Voltaire’s Nightmare

Voltaire’s Nightmare is a very old but still popular mod for Europa Universalis 4 which adds close to a thousand new nations essentially breaking up the world into tiny nations allowing for an interesting gameplay experience, each of the nations are playable and many of them have their own unique feel with their own maps, their own government types, their own religions and own national ideas. The mod is constantly being updated as after all its hard breaking up the already massive map into tiny nations that are both historically accurate and fun to play. (Mod link:

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MEIOU and Taxes

The MEIOU and Taxes mod is one of the biggest and most comprehensive mods available for Europa Universalis, it absolutely overhauls the game in every way you can think of (link to all the changes:, to name some of the additions/changes this mod introduces to the game are fifteen hundred new provinces which are always being increased, a new trade system, a new subject integration system and even new background music. (Mod link:

A Song Of Ice And Fire

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A Song Of Ice And Fire is an overhaul mod for Europa Universalis 4 which allows players to play in the world of Game of Thrones in the Europa Universalis 4 engine. The mod adds a unique map based on the map of Game Of Thrones, new governments, new religions, new institutions and an overhaul of the Holy Roman Empire called the Iron Throne. (Mod link:

Bigger Diplomacy View

The Bigger Diplomacy View makes the diplomacy, religions and subjects tab taller which is a simple tweak but it drastically improves your gaming experience. What is also great is that the mod works perfectly in ironman mode and multiplayer unlike many other mods. (Mod link:

Thick Borders And Recoloured Water

Finally we have the Thick Borders and Recoloured Water mod which is an aesthetic mod that makes the border thicker allowing for borders to be visible from a great distance, it edits the textures of the terrain and recolours the ocean water and even adds semi-reflection which is an awesome feature. (Mod link:

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