15 Games With Incredible Story Lines

Final Fantasy VII


The story is based around mercenary Cloud Strife that joins a group to stop the Shinra mega corporation from draining the Earth’s life essence. Through this compelling story, you encounter numerous party members that all bring their incredibly deep backstories and add to the experience in a way that nothing else could have. Between the characters and world of Final Fantasy VII, you’ll still find yourself gawking at its perfection even today.

Assassin’s Creed 2


Assassin’s Creed II does a phenomenal job at recreating the gorgeous world of Italy during the Renaissance. The gripping story focuses on the struggle between assassins and the Knights Templar fueled by the strong desire for vengeance against those that betrayed his family. While playing through the memories and realistic environment, the true beauty of this game shines through.

Shadow of the Colossus


While the story may seem simplistic in that the goal of the main character is to restore the life of a girl that he loves, it’s anything but. Upon entering a forbidden land, you’ll be tasked with defeating mountainous creatures known as colossi in order to achieve your goal. The wordless story does a great job at conveying the feelings and drive of Wanderer while surrounding you in a gorgeous, unique experience. You’ll also find yourself growing quite close to your horse.

Chrono Trigger


Taking place in a world similar to Earth, Chrono Trigger throws in the underused mechanic of time travel to tell its story and deliver a unique experience. Everything about this game revolves around the main story, even the side quests. Traveling across time to gather allies and gear for your quest, this game beautifully captures growth and companionship.

Kingdom Hearts


Take control of a young boy named Sora and fight the forces of darkness with classic Disney characters. The engrossing cast of characters introduces the aspect of a love triangle between three close friends, enemies with a deep story, and finds a way to tie the worlds of Disney into it all. You’ll be quickly pulled into the story and hungry for answers that will guide you through a magical and unforgettable story.

God of War


It’s never a good idea to strike a deal with the gods. Kratos finds this out the hard way in his lust for conquest and kills his wife and daughter in the process. Stained with their ashes, Kratos embarks on a journey in search of forgiveness for what he had done. Caught up in the twisted games of the gods, he ends up being offered to sit as the god of war.

Silent Hill 2


Silent Hill takes place in a dark and evil town that feeds off the psyche of visitors and distorts reality depending on the individuals. Playing as James, you receive a letter from your deceased wife and decide to investigate with friend Maria. Through the story, you slowly unravel the mystery behind her death and uncover the truth.

Fallout 3


After the great war in which China and the United States essentially bombed the world to smithereens over the last remaining resources, you take control on a vault survivor on a mission to find your missing father. Armed with little knowledge and the vast unknown world that lies beyond the vault door, you begin a grand mission of exploration and clue finding.

Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time


You control the noble character named Link who takes it upon himself to stop the evil king Ganondorf from claiming a legendary relic that can grant any wish. In order to do so, you must journey through time to find and awaken the sages that alone have the power to seal Ganondorf away for good and save the world. It’s an adventure of epic proportions that has forever etched its place into gaming history. You’ve gotta try it if you haven’t already.

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