15 Throwback Games That Trigger Nostalgia

King of the Monsters 2


Shockingly similar to the popular Godzilla movies at the time, King of the Monsters 2 brought players behind the cockpit of skyscraper-sized monsters to wreak havoc. Team up with a friend and share the unique power ups that were released upon destroying certain large buildings. Nothing was more entertaining than the crazy looking bosses and having to face them all at the end to beat the game.

Star Fox


Birds, frogs, rabbits, and of course, a fox that can all fly spaceships and vanquish evil foes. Star Fox brought, at the time, unsurpassed controls for a game based on flight. The dogfights were intense, and the story compelling enough with a bit of diversity to justify the immense number of hours gamers collectively sunk into this title.

NFL Blitz


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One of the only NFL games that didn’t penalize you for pass interference. This unrealistic but extremely addicting game could suck hours from your life, especially if you were playing with friends. Using cheat codes to give your player a big head only added to the entertainment when they were running down the field.

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There was no better feeling that getting together with three of your best friends and having an all out tank war. It was only ever a matter of time until you fell prey to a well-laid gun buddy trap, or had a nuke ejected into the heart of your base. With an impressive amount of strategy and endless hours of fun, this game will also trigger nostalgia.

Buck Bumble

In what other game do you get to fly around as a “battle bee” armed to the teeth with an arsenal of deadly advanced weapons. The creators of Buck Bumble had some outstanding creativity with their selection of weapons, uniquely laid out maps and game mechanics.

Mario Party

Mario Party had the uncanny ability to bring groups of friends and family together to participate in this competitive title. Acting as a virtual game board and pitting players against each other in wacky, often button mashing challenges, there was nothing else like it. Friendships were tested at times, and controllers were broken, but the fun always remained.

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