15 Video Games Set In Ancient Greece

300: March To Glory

300: March To Glory is a hack and slash video game developed by Collision Studios and published by Warner Bros. Games, with the game being based on the comic book and movie called 300 that was popular at the time of the game’s release. The game begins before the famous battle of Thermopylae where the player is playing as Kind Leonidas the ruler of Sparta.

Age Of Mythology

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Age of Mythology is a mythology based real time strategy game which is in a way very similar to Age Of Empires with the game being developed by the same studio that went on to develop the Age of Empire series, Ensemble Studios with the game being published by Microsoft Studios. Age of Mythology features heavy elements from Greek, Egyptian and Norse mythology with many of the buildings, units and mechanics being influenced by them. Each playable faction has its own gods with one of Greece’s gods being unsurprisingly Zeus.

Zeus: Master Of Olympus

Zeus: Master Of Olympus is the fifth installment in Impressions Games’ City Building game series, this time they delve into building a city during the Ancient Greece period with heavy influences on Greek mythology and ancient legends. The game has a story mode, a missions mode and also a sandbox mode, with the story mode and missions mode both having objectives and plots of land of various sizes and natural resources made available to you to achieve those goals.

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Rome Total War

Rome Total War is a turn based war strategy game that is popular for allowing you to control your troops in massive 3D battles, although Rome Total War is not exclusively a game just about Ancient Greece but it is set in the Ancient Greece period and you can control Greek states such as Sparta, Athens and Macedonia. The game also has a DLC about Alexander the Great called simply Alexander where you can command the Macedon genius on his path to conquering the known world.


Okhlos is an action roguelike video game developed by Argentina based studio Coffee Powered Machine and published by Devolver Digital. The game is based in Ancient Greece in a land rules by the gods in Olympus, you play as a scholar who is critical of the gods and he decides to convince people by going to city to city and building a mob to wreck havoc upon the Greek world and take down the gods.

God Of War

God Of War is a legendary action adventure hack and slash that has been set in the Ancient Greek world for the 8 standalone video games with the games developers Santa Monica Studios deciding to mix things up and revive the series by integrating protagonist Kratos into the world of Norse mythology with reported plans to bring the game into other mythologies such as the Mayan mythologies.

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Spartan: Total Warrior

Spartan: Total Warrior is a hack and slash video game developed by Creative Assembly the creators of the Total War series and published by SEGA for the Playstation 2, the original Xbox and the Gamecube. You play as a Spartan warrior guided by the Greek god of war Ares as you try to fight off the invading Roman Empire trying to takeover Ancient Greece.

Spartan Wars: Blood And Fire

Spartan Wars: Blood And Fire is a real time mobile and tablet strategy video game, the game is developed by Tap4Fun Corp. Ltd and is one of the best reviewed video games of the popular strategy game section with over 155,000 five star reviews out of a total of 220,000 reviews with only 30,000 one star reviews. In the game you can build your own city of course but also build an indestructible army and bring down your enemies with the game having a unique event where there are server vs server wars.

Hegemony Gold: Wars Of Ancient Greece

Hegemony Gold: Wars Of Ancient Greece is a real-time strategy game developed and published by Longbow Digital Arts Inc., the game revolves around the military campaign of Phillip the second of Macedon, the father of Alexander the Great. In the game you have to manage your nations economy, your logistics and pre-plan your battles before you actually go to fight.

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Myth: History In The Making

Myth: History In The Making is a 2D platform game developed and published by System 3 in 1989 for the Commodore 64, the Amiga and the Amiga CD32, the Amstrad CPC and the ZX Spectrum. The game revolves around a teenage boy who finds himself falling through a space-time continnum and is transported to the “Time Of Legends” where he must rescue the high priestess from the evil villain known as Dameron. Each level is set in a different location in time with a level set in the Ancient Egyptian pyramids and also a level of course set in Ancient Greece.

Titan Quest

Titan Quest is a role-playing hack and slash developed by Iron Lore Entertainment and published by THQ in 2006, the player is allowed to create his own custom character and take on the Titans in Ancient Egypt, Ancient Greece and Ancient China with the game being a big success as it was very ahead for its time in terms of graphics and gameplay with the game selling over 1 million copies.

NyxQuest: Kindred Spirits

NyxQuest: Kindred Spirits is an adventure game developed and published by Spanish developers Over The Top Games, the game is made for the Wii with the Wii remotes but can also be played on Windows, OS X and iOS. In the game you play as two protagonists known as Icarus and Nyx who are given special powers by the Greek gods Zeus and Eolus the ability to move objects with their mind, manipulate the scenery, control the wind and even fire rays to kill enemies in their way.

0 A.D.

0 A.D. is a free open source real-time strategy video game developed by Wildfire games, the game has its mechanics set on realism, historical accuracy and economics and is set Greek civilizations that dominated the world from 500 B.C. to 1 B.C. and there is also a newer mode that focuses from 1 A.D. to 500 B.C. when the Greek civilization was in its demise.


Apotheon is an action role-playing platformer video game developed and published by Alientrap for the Windows platform, OS X, Linux and the Playstation 4. Apotheon is known for being very fast paced and is praised for its unique and dedicated Ancient Greek art style, you play as Greek legend Nikandreos who with the help of the  Greek goddess of marriage and family Hera to fight against the repression by the other Greek Gods.

Wrath of the Gods

Wrath of the Gods is an adventure game developed and published by Luminaria, the story of the game is based around Greek mythology, you start off as a young royal child who is abandoned in the mountains but discovered by a centaur called Chiron who raises him and you set off to reclaim your kingdom. The game was praised by Billboard magazine as “a landmark effort in the realm of live-action games.”

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