20 Greatest Female Characters in Gaming

Faith Connors (Mirror’s Edge)

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Faith Connors is the protaginist of the action-adventurer platformer Mirror’s Edge developed by EA, she does not need weapons to defeat her enemies instead she just uses her freerunning skills to outpower and outsmart them.

Samus Aran (Metroid)

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Samus Aran is the main character of the popular 1980’s game Metroid, she is an ex-soldier from the Galactic Federation now turned bounty hunter. Many people may not know that the Metroid protaginist is actually female with Aran only appearing without her exoskeleton in cutscenes. Her exoskeleton can be upgraded and it also boasts an arm cannon which can bring down anything.

Princess Zelda (Zelda)

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Princess Zelda is the real Zelda character, not Link who always gets mistaken to be Zelda. Princess Zelda may not be into fighting but she has saved Link’s ass numerous times using her magical powers and also genius. 

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Bayonetta (Bayonetta)

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Bayonetta is you guessed it the protagonist of Japanese third person action game Bayonetta, voiced by Hellena Taylor is a shapeshifting witch who has just woke up from a 500 year sleep with no memory and her task is to find out what had happened to her and figure out what to do from there. She is one of the last witches left in Vigrid, and she is the daughter of an Umbran Witch(Dark Side) and a Lumen Sage(Light Side), the developers of the game went for a mysterious look, they gave her glasses, long legs and decided on small assets (boobs and bum), they also gave her 4 different guns. She is not one to mess with.

Bonnie MacFarlane (Red Dead Redemption)

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Bonnie MacFarlane is the literal definition of an independent lass, with her mother leaving the family and 5 of her six brothers all deceased with the one alive leaving the family for Manhattan to pursue a career in banking. She manages an entire ranch with her dad Drew, as well as helping to fight against the corrupt federal government and even surviving a hanging as the ropes gets stuck around the side of her throat allowing her not to choke and keeping her neck from snapping. 

Alyx Vance (Half Life 2)

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Alyx Vance is the companion of Half-Life protagonist Gordon Freeman, she is a non-playable character is a skilled hacker able to go through any security door and reprogram any turret she wants in order to disable it or make it attack enemies.

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Princess Peach (Mario)

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Princess Peach is a character in numerours Mario games and other Nintendo IPs, she may be portrayed as a damsel in distress but she is seen by the veteran Super Mario brothers as one of the most powerful characters in the game due to her ability to levitate in the air for a short period of time. 

Jade (Beyond Good & Evil)

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Jade is not just a complete badass, but also a good human being before she went on an adventure to defeat DomZ and save humanity she also worked in an orphanage of children whose parents had died in war. 

Zoey (Left 4 Dead)

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Zoey is one of the four protagonists in the zombie first person shooter and the only female character, in Left 4 Dead characters unfortuantely don’t have special abilities but there is nothing more badass than running around in a pink tracksuit taking down hordes of enemies.

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Heather Mason (Silent Hill 3)

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Heather Mason is the protagonist of Silent Hill 3 and the adoptive daughter of Harry Mason, the survivor of the first Silent Hill game, she is a care free girl one that loves shopping at first but eventually turns out to have more guts than all the other adult characters in the game, she wears a red jewel that is made up of Aglaophotis which has the ability to expel demons and defeat the antagonist known simply as ‘God’.

Cammy (Street Fighter)

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Cammy has been part of Street Fighter since 1993 when she was first added to Street Fighter 3, she is literally the most popular Street Fighter character and is infamous for her sex appeal. 

Lara Croft (Tomb Raider)

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Lara Croft is the poster girl of female characters in video games, she has recently had a makeover in 2013 in order to revitalize the series which could have become stale if Lara had gotten old. 

Ellie (Last of Us)

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Ellie is a character beautfully crafted and put together, along with her companion Joel who is a middle aged man that ends up becoming a father figure for Ellie (Joel’s daughter was killed at the same age that Ellie is in the first Last of Us game), she also holds in her DNA the key to a cure to the zombie infection. 

Elena Fisher (Uncharted 4)

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Elena Fisher is another strong female character keeping the male protagonist in check, she is the wife of Nathan Drake the main character of the Uncharted series, in the last Uncharted game, Uncharted 4. Nathan Drake along with his brother Sam and long time companion Sully set on the final ‘retirement’ adventure of finding the long lost pirate treasure of Captain Henry Avery.

Jill Valentine (Resident Evil)

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Jill Valentine is an American Bioterrorism specialist and of the few survivors of the ‘Mansion incident’ and is also the partner of protagonist Chris Redfield. Valentine is a master bomb defuser and also bears the nickname of “the master of unlocking”. 

Commander Shepard (Mass Effect)

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The developers of Mass Effect saw the ability of being able to choose the gender of your character as important. Therefore there is a male and female Commander Shepard, the female version regardless allows you to be a savage, furthermore the character was voted 2nd out of 30 in Game Informer’s poll of best video game characters.

Yuna (Final Fantasy X)

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Yuna is a kind and loyal companion in Final Fantasy X who strives to do the best to help you, she is a summoner which gives her the ability to defeat Sin. Yuna is a sphere hunter on a quest to recover the mystery behind the sphere element in the game.

Liara T’Soni (Mass Effect)

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Liara is barely an adult by asari standards, she is just 106. She has spent over 50 years of her life studying Prothean technology and culture. From an early age she was fascinated with the Prothean world and chose that instead of taking a career in galactic politics like her father and mother.

Coco Bandicoot (Crash Bandicoot)

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Coco is the younger sister of Rockstar star Crash Bandicoot, she does not generally get involved in the actual missions but instead likes to build gadgets for him and solve problems with her superior intelligence.

Meryl Silverburgh (Metal Gear Solid)

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Meryl Silverburgh is the commanding officer of the so-called Rat Patrol Team 01, where she also had the chance to work with Solid Snake who *spoiler alert* turns out to be her dad, her primary weapon of choice is her Desert Eagle gun which she uses for both long range and short range combat.

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