Top 20 Hottest Cosplays (Sexy)

Master Chief (Halo) by Morgan Durfee

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 An amazing Master Chief cosplay by part-time model Morgan Durfee, there is nothing hotter than a hot girl in a Master Chief suit!

Maya (Borderlands) by Kyashi Cosplay


An absolute makeup masterpiece by Maya Kyashi.

Nico Robin (One Piece) by VampBeauty

Nico Robin Cosplay by VampBeauty


VampBeauty here playing pirate and archaeologist Nico Robin from anime One Piece.

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Female Edward Kenway (Assassin’s Creed) by Anna Fischer

Assassin's Creed: Fem Edward Kenway by Jessica Nigri #cosplay #assassinscreed:


Anna Fischer dressed up as the female version of Black flag protagonist Edward Kenway.

Sole Survivor (Fallout) by Elenya Frost

Cosplayer: Elenya Frost Photographer: Snowgrimm Weapon+ and armor: Brazen & Bold Productions Character: Sole Survivor From: Fallout 4 Country: Austria:

image: Brazen & Bold Productions

Sole Survivor being beautifully played by Elenya Frost.

Cammy (Street Fighter) by Nadyasonika


One of the most popular female character to cosplay, cosplayer Nadya Sonika gets it absolutely spot on.

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Bayonetta (Bayonetta) by  Unknown


The resemblances between Bayonetta and this unknown Cosplay model are simply incredible. 

Mario (Mario) by Brittany Windom

girl cosplay sexy mario t 30 Hot Girls Dressed as Sexy Video Game Characters #sexy #cosplay:


A simple but meticulous cosplay.

Arcade Riven (League of Legends) by Adami Langley

Arcade Riven Cosplay by on @DeviantArt:


Adami Langley making full use of her props(no sexual connotations intended) in this League of Legends cosplay.

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Katarina (League of Legends) by Unknown

Katarina New Dawn cosplay from League of Legends:


This unknown cosplayer perfectly recreates League of Legends champion Katarina, one of the most OP champions in the game. 

Ninja Turtle Cosplay by Amy Asen

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles cosplay #stream #gamer #twitch #cosplay #TMNT #ninja #turtles #gamergirl Source: DXRacer Canada ph: 1 877 857 9609 Strong and Comfortable Computer, Gaming and Office Chairs:


Despite this looking more like a Halloween dress up then cosplay, but its still pretty hot.

Jinx (League of Legends) by Kay Thomas

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Veteran Cosplayer dressed up as Jinx from League of Legends, one of the most powerful Marksman roles in the game. 

Sole Survivor Cosplay (Fallout 4) by Amethyst Leon

Image may contain: 1 person, tree, outdoor and closeup


Fallout 4 is a popular game to cosplay on, and we can see why. 

Stormtrooper (Star Wars) by Leeanna Vamp

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Leeanna Vamp dressed up as a Stormtrooper from Stormtrooper which can be from pretty any game from Battlefield 1 to Battlefield 3. 

Witchblade Cosplay by Jacqueline Goehner

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Jacqueline Goehner here in a raunchy cosplay from American comic book series Witchblade, a story that runs around an NYPD cop called Sara Pezzini who finds the Witchblade a supernatural metal glove that bonds with its owner giving them a variety of super powers.

Spiderwoman Cosplay by Elise Laurenne

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Elise Laurenne here taking the role of the evil Spiderwoman.

Black Widow Cosplay by Katyuska Moonfox

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Katyuska Moonfox here playing fictional superhero Black Widow, the character was first introduced as a Russian spy as an antagonist in the Iron Man comic books. 

Cammy (Street Fighter) by Megan Coffey

iImage result for Starbuxx


Another Cammy cosplay here, this time by caffeine fanatic Megan Coffey, with her basic white girl username of starbuxx.

Princess Leia Cosplay by Raychul Moore

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Here we have Raychul Moore posing as Princess Leia from Star Wars. 

Harley Quinn Cosplay by Anna Faith 

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The biggest cosplayer in the world in terms of following, here we have Anna Faith with the most popular character to cosplay as in 2016, Harley Quinn. Anna Faith grew exponentially in populariry due to her Frozen cosplays.

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