25 Video Games That Start With Z

Zero Gunner 2

Zero Gunner 2 is a 3D multidirectional shooter where you control a variety of helicopters, the story of the game is that an Asian conglomerate known as Igem has developed a new energy source allowing them to create powerful flying machines which eventually take over the world and it’s your job as the Zero Gunner Squadron to save the day.

Zelda: Breath Of The Wild

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Zelda: Breath Of the Wild was released in 2017 and is the first open world game in the Zelda series and it was a big success with a remarkable amount of 10/10 reviews from top gaming publishers such as IGN, Metacritic, Trusted Reviews and GameSpot.

Zenses Ocean Edition

Zenses is a puzzle and minigame video game released for the Nintendo DS, the game is built for relaxation with all levels of the game unlocked from the start and the game has achievements but they are not necessary to achieve. The game is perfect for children and adults that love the Nintendo DS and are not looking for a serious gaming experience.

Zen Blade

Zenblade is a virtual reality game that is available on the Steam Store and also on the Xbox, it is based on the popular app store game Fruit Ninja in that you have a katana and your aim is to cut the fruits thrown in front of you. The game has a lot of positive reviews and people that have played the game say that it is more accurate and fun to play than Fruit Ninja itself.

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Zen Pinball 2009

Zen Pinball is the 2009 incarnation of the popular Pinball game, it features different game missions, multiplayer matches where you try to get a higher score and worldwide tournaments.

Zero Escape: The Nonary Games

Zero Escape is an adventure game and was first released in Japan in 2009. The game revolves around nine individuals who are also kidnapped by an individual known simply as Zero, and the play is forced to play a game of life or death in order to escape. The game has been praised by critics for the way it presents the story as well as for the unique puzzles in the game.


Zheros is a 3D beat’em up where your journey through various universes and galaxies in order to smash through massive hordes of enemies. In the game you play as either Mike or Captain Dorian who are both part of the Zheros Squad tasked with defending the galaxies.

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Zoids Assault

Zoids Assault is a single player strategy assault video game first released for the Xbox 360 in 2007 in Japan, the game plays on a turn-based system and has been praised for its amazing graphics for the time it was released with the graphics being less anime or animated and more realistic looking.

Zone Raiders

Zone Raiders is a futuristic vehicular combat video game for the MS-DOS, all the vehicles featured in the game are hovercars or based on that concept. The game was developed by Image Space Incorporated and published by Virgin Interactive with the music featured in the game created by the band CONTAGIAN.

Zoo Tycoon: Ultimate Animal Collection

Zoo Tycoon: Ultimate Animal Collection is the latest game in the Zoo Tycoon series, it was released on the 31st of October 2017. The game is more a remaster on the 2013 version with added 4K resolution aswell as HDR and 60FPS support on the Xbox One X. However the game also adds new animals such as kangaroos, koalas and cougars.

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Zotrix is the modern incarantion of the arcade shooters that were popular during the 80’s and 90’s with improved graphics and new features such as a resource trading economy and an upgrade system. The game is available on Steam for $9.99 which may be a bit expensive for a game of its calibre.


There is just no way you have not heard the word Zumba at least once in your life, the dance fitness program was created in the 1990’s by Colombian choreographer Alberto Perez. The fitness program proved so popular it was made into a game by delepopers Pipework Software and published by Majesco Entertainment and 505 Games, released in 2010 for the Playstation3, the Wii and the Xbox 360.

Zone of the Enders MARS : The Second Runner PC

Zone of the Enders MARS: The Second Runner PC is a first-person shooter hack and slash, the plot for the game is set two years after the first Zone of the Enders game with the protagonist now being Dingo Egret, a former member of the Mars military organisation who is nearly killed but then his body is merged together with that of another character known as Jehuty. The story is actually very original and the game received critical acclaim due to its graphics and gameplay elements.

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Zombies Monsters Robots

Zombies Monster Robots is a multiplayer third-person shooter which sees you try to survive while fighting a high number of different kids of enemies, your environment and different game modes. There are two kinds of enemies the regular one and the bosses, and there is a huge variety of each and I have to give it to the developers they do have great imagination with some of the units including Explosive Dogs, Stinging Wasps and War Thralls.

Zombie Highway 2

Zombie Highway 2 is an appstore game which is simple but very addictive and also free, you drive around in an array of different vehicles while avoiding obstacles and obstructions on the road and also killing as many zombies as you can by running them over or shooting them with your guns to gain a high score.

Zombie Driver HD

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Zombie Driver HD is a PC video game first released in 2012 and is currently available on the Steam Store, the game features a lot of different vehicles, weapons, modifications and upgrades for your vehicles with a variety of different maps and its £6.99 on Steam.

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ZombiU is a first-person survival horror game developed by Ubisoft Montepellier and published by Ubisoft for the Wii U. The game is influenced by Resident Evil, Demon Souls and Left 4 Dead and received mostly positive reviews, with gamers and game publication praising the game for its atmosphere, horror aspects, and gameplay.


Zombeer is a bit of a controversial game due to its sexualization of female characters in the game and also for its alcohol content with the game’s name literally having the word beer in it. The game is a first person shooter with the storyline being written by writers from Comedy Central, it is set in a world wrecked by a pandemic virus and its your job to kill the zombies and find a solution to the zombie epidemic.

Zodiac: Orcanon Odyssey

Zodiac: Orcannon is a Japanese role-playing game developed and published by Kobojo, the game was released on the iOS platform in 2015. The game takes heavily influences from Final Fantasy, Valkyrie Profile and Dragon’s Crown with it adopting similar combat and art styles. The game however has only limited multiplayer elements.

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Ziggurat is a dungeon crawling first-person shooter with heavy mythical and magic elements. The game allows you to become a sorcerer, and face challenges of varying difficulty in order to prove yourself before going down in the unforgiving dungeons. The game features a lot of spells which can all be upgraded and customized to defeat the unknown dangers that are waiting for you in the dungeon.

Zeus: Master of Olympus

Zeus: Master of Olympus is the fifth installment in the City Building series developed by Impressions Games and published by Sierra Entertainment. The game lets you play as Zeus himself and own and develop your own ancient Greek city from housing for your populations to food and other necessary resources such as wood and stone, plus entertainment buildings to keep them happy to name a few of the building types.

Zero Tolerance

Zero Tolerance is a game released in 1994, it was developed by Technopop and published by Accolade for the Sega Genesis console and it’s also one of the first person shooters on the console. The game revolves around you traveling around the galaxy defeating enemies with the game set in a futuristic era when humans have made advances in interstellar travel allowing them to colonize the entire solar system.

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Zenzizenzic is a fast-paced open-world shoot em up game, it features a simple but beautiful abstract art style, the game has two modes Classic modes where you have levels and score objectives and Micro mode where you explore an open world basically a survival mode.


Zya is a music video game that lets you create your own music studio-quality music and roleplay being an artist or a band with your friends or by yourself.


Zubo is a rhythm action video game, it is developed by EA’s Bright Light Studios for the Nintendo DS. It was released in Europe and Australia in 2008 and for Japan and North America in 2009. Zubo is set in the world of Zubalon inhabited by the fictional race of the Zubos, and your job is to defeat the Big Heads and his army of zombies known as the Zombos by making sure you rhytmn skills and button mashing are on point.

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