5 Most Expensive Virtual Items Ever Bought (Shocking)

Age of Wulin Sword (Age of Wulin) – $16,000

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Sold at an auction in 2011 by the game’s developers Suzhou Snail Electronic Co., Ltd. The now infamous sword to call it by its proper name the ‘Dragon Slaying Sabre Scabbard’ was sold for 100,000 yuan or $16,000. The sword is said to be the most powerful sword in game making the owner one of the most lethal forces in Age of Wulin. 

Ethereal Flames Pink War Dog (Dota 2)– $38,000

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For those of you not familiar with how Dota 2 works, you have AI characters known as ‘couriers’ in the game which transport loot and other items you managed to find and obtain back to your base.  This unique courier sold in a private auction, it does not possess any different skills or advantages in terms of gameplay instead it fetched such a high price due to its rare appearance with its pink color,  ethereal flames aesthetic effect and the fact that it is a war dog. 

Amsterdam (Second Life)– $50,000

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A very popular location in role playing game Second Life, it is known for its detailed build and dazzling features such as its sophisticated tunnels. It also is a famous place for hosting events in the game such as concerts and of course the famed strip shows. The location managed to sell for $50,000 with its old owners citing the reason for selling it on the fact that they are working on a new project. 

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Crystal Palace (Entropia Universe) – $330,000

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The Crystal Palace is a popular location in sandbox roleplaying game Entropia Universe. Which managed to sell for $330,000 in 2009 to a player called “Buzz Erik Lightyear” with the price reportedly being inflated due to a bidding war between a couple of players. 

Club Neverdie (Entropia Universe) – $635,000

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Another entry from popular online game Entropia Universe on this list, Club Neverdie was an Asteroid Space Resort which the seller bought for what is a mere $100,000 which he managed to get back through taxation and tarrifs on his popular property. But in 2010 maybe after seeing a trend that causing to believe that the game may be dying and wanting to get as much money out of his hot property before its value went down. He decided to start selling off parts of Club Neverdie. There was no buyer able to afford or willing to pay such as big price so the property ended up getting sold in chunks to different owners fetching higher than the original asking price.

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