5 Gaming Glitches You Couldn’t Live Without

Assassins Creed Glory Hole (Assassins Creed Egypt)

I think we know now why Assassin’s Creed is 18+.

Spy Crab (Team Fortress 2)

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The Spy Crab Glitch can be done by quipping your disguise kit, crouching, looking straight up, and walking around.

Late Game Romance (The Thing)

Even after your companion is killed or injured he will continue to somehow follow you anywhere you go. That’s what I call ‘goals’.

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Hidden Safety Warning (Skate 3)

It seems that the Skate 3 glitches were on purposely made to warn children about the real life dangers of skating in unsafe ways and situations haha.

Burrito Night (Sims 2)

This is what happens when you eat too many Burritos in Sims 2

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