5 Open World Games With The Best Vehicles

Mad Max

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After the release of the mildly successful film called Mad Max Fury Road, it takes you around the post-apocalyptic wasteland made up of deserts, mountains, and raider villages. The game map is massive and developers estimate that 60% of gameplay is made of driving, and mind you this is not just wondering around the map driving carefree. There is always the danger that you will be attacked by raiders looking to kill you and scavenge your vehicle. Exploration in the game is a must, you must scavenge what is left in the wastelands to upgrade your vehicle and to get fuel to actually be able to use it as running out of fuel is pretty much signing your life away as sooner or later you will be found by the raiders. The game features over 50 different vehicles each with their own strengths and weaknesses to suit all player types, vehicles can be customized and upgraded at garages and you can also just steal vehicles from different factions who all have unique vehicles. 

Far Cry 4

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Far Cry 4 released on November 18 2014 by Ubisoft Montreal. This open world action adventure game takes place on a fictional place called Kyrat which is based on the diverse environment of the Himalayas, the game can be played in two ways; stealth or straight up combat. The vehicles for every environment and use ranging from a Jet Ski to a Buzzer (makeshift helicopter) to a hovercraft and even a wingsuit. The possibilities are simply endless in the ways you can attack your enemies and of course escape or just simply enjoy the wonderful views that dot the entire map. 

Watch Dogs 2

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The title that redeemed its predecessor, this sunny, no strings attached hacking game has an infinite array of iconic, bright vehicles(no joke some of the best looking vehicles I have ever seen.). You can find cars my simply stealing them from innocent people but there are also unique locations in the map where unique vehicles spawn ranging from a muscle car to an Ice Cube Sports Car. 

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Saints Row IV

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This action adventure open world game which is an absolute maverick breaking all norms and codes of conduct in regard to storyline and gameplay (you can use a dildo as a weapon).  While exploring the world and enjoying in-game leisure activities such as flashing civilians, base jumping and store hold ups you can also drive around in the vehicles, all 99 of them. And trust me Saints Row VI has the most unique collection of vehicles you will ever see, that is until they release Saints Row 4. 


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GTA V has 420 vehicles in the game, all of which are usuable. The vehicles are also inspired by real life car models however the branding is all made up to avoid copyright reasons. What is also an add-on is that each car has access to 19 distinct radio stations covering different genres form RnB to rock to country. Another cool feature is that every single car has a unique number plate that is randomized making the experience even more unique. The awesomeness of the in-game vehicles is everything else in the GTA V game from cop chases in different severities, the brilliant AI(most of the time) and detailed environment where everyone of your actions has a realistic consequence whether that is running over a fire hydrant to crashing into a petrol station (not recommended).


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