5 Rarest, Most Expensive Video Games In The World

1991 Nintendo Campus Challenge  – ($14,000-$20,100)

There is one of this unique cartridge out there. It was a special game for Nintendo’s campus gaming competitions which was a game featuring ‘Super Mario 3’, ‘PinBot’ and ‘Dr. Mario’. After the tournaments Nintendo for some reason decided to destroy the cartridges by burning them. Until 2006 people believed there was none left until a man found a copy in the garage of an ex Nintendo employee. He sold it for $14,000 before it was resold for $20,100


Air Raid : $14,000-$33,400

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Air Raid is famous for having a unique cartridge shape with a unique T-shaped handle. The aim of the game is simple, defend your fictional city from alien invasion. There are said to be only 12 copies of this game out there valued from $14,000 to $33,400 depending on quality of the copies.


1990 Nintendo World Championships: Gold Edition  – ($15,000-$21,000)

The rarest game Nintendo has ever made, there are only 26 versions made for the Gold Edition of 1990 Nintendo World Championships. This edition of the game was never sold in stores instead it was rewarded to the winners and runner ups of the Nintendo’s Power Contest. Catridges are in itself colored gold and features special features not available in the normal edition of the game such as a customized combination of “Super Mario Bros,” “Rad Racer,” and “Tetris,” all with a special tournament timer ticking away.


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Birthday Mania: ($15,000-$35,000)

With only one known copy in the world, Birthday Mania is one of the rarest and most expensive games out there. Playable just on the Atari 2600. Birthday Mania is very similar to Space Invaders gameplay wise and follows the main protaginist if you can call it that who goes on a complete massacre of what looks like candles and birthday cakes. Sorry Atari 2600 graphics were not great.


Gamma Attack: ($20,000-$50,000)

One of the rarest gamest you can ever get. This is yet another Atari 2600 game.  Only one cartridge of the game was produced by company Gammation and is currently owned by collector Anthony DeNardo according to He demanded a buy know price of $500,000 on eBay. Experts estimate the value of the game at $20,000 to $50,000 depending on the maintenance and whether it still works.

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