5 Reasons Why The Future Of Gaming Is Bright


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Lets start off with the most obvious one, technology. As technology gets better, video game quality will increase as well as the platforms we use to play them will become more powerful allowing for us to play games that require even more power. 

Increased Variety

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Increased varuty of games means gamers now have more choice to choose and play the best games. Meaning that no matter how much you spend on VR your game’s final product will need to be satisfactory. 


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The eSports scene is growing exponentially every year. Increasing recognition and also making gaming seem less like a hobby but more of a serious career choice, instead of just as a waste of time as some people still see it. 


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Virtual Reality right now is not great. But as time goes improved VR will put gaming on another level. Games will be more immersive than ever. Which will be a good or bad thing! 


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Youtube will continue to grow and it is unlikely  to die out for the next few decades. Youtube will help promote brilliant Indie games with a tiny marketing budget as well as making many more people interested in video games.

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