5 Skyrim Secrets You Don’t Know About

  • Infinite Arrow Trick


Image result for Infinite Arrow Trick skyrimimage: Bethesda

This is a very good exploit for those archers out there, this tricks allows you to have unlimited arrows. First of all what you do is find an NPC practising his archery at a dummy. Next you pickpocket his arrows and you give him one high quality arrow. After that its easy peasy the NPC will start to spawn out high quality arrows which you can just take out from the dummy and there you go you are now full on arrows. 

The Headless Horsemen

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image: Bethesda

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Maybe one of the scariest secrets is that you can find a headless horsemen while exploring the woods in Skyrim. If you decided to not kill him but instead stealthily follow him, he will eventually lead you do an abandoned hut where you will find a coffin with a helmeted skull. 

Ride the Invincible Dragon

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Part of the Dragonborn DLC this exploit allows you to ride invincible dragons making you almost unstoppable. This can be unlocked by travelling to the ‘Throat of the World’ and summon your new dragon to the peak and fast travel with him whenever you want. 

The Adventure Book

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image: Bethesda

The book ‘Kolb and the Dragon: A book for Nord boys’ is actually a mini adventure game which lets you choose an option at the of every page in an attempt to get the good ending.

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The Minecraft Easter Egg

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You can find this by travelling to Skyrim’s highest mountain called the ‘Throat of the World’ and then climb the summit.

There you will find the Notched Pickaxe named after the creator of the game Minecraft.

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