5 Wii Games People Are Still Playing


Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword

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One of the best Zelda games in my opinion with a 10/10 rating from IGN and a 93/100 rating from Metacritic with in total over 3 million copies being sold of the game which for a game that was just available as a physical copy is a great achievement. The action-adventure game lets you take control of usual protagonist Link.

The game takes place on the floating island of Skyloft and surrounding airborne islands; and the three Surface overworlds where the majority of the main adventure takes place. Side quests for the town’s citizens are unlocked as the game progresses. The different areas of the Surface are accessed through portals in the clouds. Side quests for characters of the Surface are also available, and sometimes mandatory for completing the main quest.

In-game items and weapons such as Bombs used for demolition and the Bow and Arrow for ranged attacks are available as Link progresses through the game,also there are a few additions such as the mechanical Beetle that flies to areas beyond Link’s reach to grab unreachable objects and also scouting and solving puzzles. 

Xenoblade Chronicles

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One of the few open world exlusive Wii games ever made that was actually good. The game is absolutely giant and completing 100% will take you days of gameplay if not weeks. 

New Super Mario Bros. Wii

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Despite some negative feedback before its launch New Super Mario Bros for the Wii proved to be a great game. The success of the game is behind the fact that despite the graphics being upgraded the Mario game still remained essentially the same which is what people wanted. 

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Wii Sports Resort

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Despite selling less than its predecessor Wii Sports, due to the fact that it was more of an improvement than a totally brand new game. Despite this the game is actually more widely played than Wii Sports. The game is as I said a more polished version with additions such as Archery and Sword fighting. Its definitely a game worth playing especially if you are looking for that social factor. 

Super Mario Galaxy 2

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Super Mario Galaxy 2 released on May 23rd 2016. It is one of the best selling Wii Games with over 6 million sales and also features its very own 60 mins of soundtrack specially created by an orchestra made up of over 60 people. In 2015 it also became the first disc-based Wii game to be available for re-release on the Wii U eShop. It is also one of the best rated games ever with a score of 97/100 by Metacritic and numerous of full scores out of publications such as Edge, IGN, Games Rader and GameSpot.

This game is a must have for any gamer, it beautifully integrates the story while still keeping its values of being a platformer to the core.

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