8 Fortnite Battle Royale Easter Eggs

The Optimus Prime

As you jump out of the flying bus if you land upon the figure built out of cars which are supposed to represent a transformer or Optimus Prime as it has a truck for its head and there is a chance there could be a gold chest up there.

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Garden Gnome Easter Egg

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Now, this is a super rare easter egg, you can’t do anything to boost your chances of finding it or going to a certain location for it to appear it just randomly appears when you build a brick wall and the gnome will just be stuck inside acting like a brick. It has no benefits or rewards but it is still pretty cool.

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Crash Landed Battle Bus

There is also a crash-landed battle bus/flying bus on the map which you can parachute to at the start of the game and potentially find a chest and even two chests if you are that lucky, and fun fact the crashed battle bus is actually invincible.

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The Grudge/Horror Movie Easter Egg

Now in one of the houses next to the Greasy Grove location on the map when you enter and are searching, all the furniture in the kitchen will start to move weirdly and when you turn around and glance at the T.V., it will actually turn on and some weird blue figure that looks like a bear will appear, the sequence ends after 5 seconds and some blue bars appear to just come out of the T.V. Again this easter egg has no rewards or loot chests.

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The Hidden Room (Tunnel)

This easter egg can be found in the tunnel, you find it first by going to the tunnel then breaking the retro orange/red car in front of it and finally breaking the wall where you can find two chests.

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The Yogi Bear

Located at the Lonely Lodge, there is a massive wooden Yogi Bear standing in front of the entrance, however, at this easter egg location you can’t find any chests or loot directly from the Easter Egg.

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Teddy Bear

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In the Salty Springs in one of the blue houses on the second floor in the room on the left there is a teddy bear sitting in the far left corner just staring at you, and once you point your aim over it goes from its default white to red and once you shoot it the teddy bear disappears.

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Tractor Teddy Bear Easter Egg

On the last bridge near the Flush Factory and the Fatal Fields, you can find another teddy bear but this time on a tractor. The Teddy Bear acts in the same way as the Teddy Bear on Salty Springs as when you point your weapon at it your aim goes from white to red and once you shoot it the Teddy Bear disappears. The reason why this is very interesting as it can be unlocking a big Easter Egg potentially if you shoot all the teddies etc. There is yet someone to truly find out.

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