Top 5 Impossible Stealth Games

Hitman 2: Silent Assassin

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Hitman 2: Silent Assassin is a stealth video game developed by IO Interactive and published by Eidos Interactive for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 2, Xbox and GameCube released in 2002. You play as the main protagonist known as Agent 47.  This game revolutionized the Hitman series as well as the whole stealth game scene. The game was the first stealth game to reward the player for actually playing stealthily. The player is allowed to not kill anyone at all or go on a full blow massacre. However if he decides to just kill every one he will face consequences in the next missions with guards being higher alert.

The game was particularly hard as it involved a lot of thinking and strategy such as making sure that the weapon you are carrying matches your disguise or whether you need a weapon at all for example if you are wearing the disguise of a janitor. 


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Dishonored is a very unique stealth game one for being first person and the other for being pretty much open world. Like Hitman 2 you get the choice of whether to play stealthily or play a full massacre game. Furthermore the game allows you to complete levels in countless of ways, you can enter buildings through canals/sewers, open windows, through the roof or just through the main door(if you are trying to kill every one).

The game allows you to play as Corvo the bodyguard of the Empress who gets assassinated and Corvo is blamed for killing her. Your job is to go around and figure out what happens. The more you kill the worse the in-game plague gets which will make the game harder for you as well as by not killing key characters you get to unlock secret areas of the maps or special items. The game has multiple endings depending on the decisions you took in the game.

What makes the game hard is that there is no set path, you just get your main objective and you have to figure out yourself what to do and where to go. 

Far Cry 3

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Despite being described as an action-adventure game, however Far Cry 3 requires a sh*t ton of stealth gameplay if you wish to survive.  Far Cry 3 is an open world game which opens so many opportunities on how to go along your stealthy actions. The game was also one of the first games to use the awareness meter which increases and decreases depending on whether you were spotted and how long ago you were spotted, however beware if you have been spotted the enemies will be on high alert for a long time.

By going around on the stealth route you can also advance quicker in-game, with the player being awarded 1500XP for liberating an outpost without getting spotted. There are no penalties for killing enemies in the game, the only thing that matters is whether you get spotted.

Far Cry 3 is unique in the way that the map is massive and even though you can runaway potentially from one group of enemies you are never too far from another. You are given the choice to pretty much stay on or near the road track and get the occasional truck load of enemies or wander to jungles with the inevitable greeting from a hungry tiger. 

Thief II: The Metal Age

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Thief 2: The Metal Age is a stealth game released in 2000. The game follows protagonist Garrett a master thief who’s somehow got himself in a mess and has to uncover the conspiracy related to a new religious sect threatening to take over the city.

This is as stealth as it gets, despite being able to fight against some enemies. The game and the character are made in such as  way that it is not possible to go on a massacre, they keep it real and realistic in that a master thief is also not some kind of demigod dragon slayer who no man can defeat, which definitely is a great +1 from me.

The game’s selling point are its complex, almost open world large maps which are not bland but instead highly detailed in every aspect. There is not a place you can visit where you are willing to risk going through the main door. It will keep you on the edge for as long as possible. 

Metal Gear Solid V

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 Metal Gear Solid V is yet another action-adventure game,

What makes this game number 1 on our list is the fact that the AI in the game is just so smart, I have never seen AI that smart. It is kind of scary. This forces you to think and take it slowly as you simply cant make a run for it behind the enemies back as yes they can in this game at least hear your footsteps while you are sprinting behind them while carrying a heavy machine gun.

However all is not lost, you have countless of gadgets and in-game environmental objects to help you get around them. Making the game fun, enjoyable and unique for every single time you play.

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