Top 5 Most Physically Painful Games To Play

Battlefield 3 Simulator

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You may have just stumbled on this list and be wondering what is this all about? How can Battlefield 3 be physically painful?! Well the Gadget Show a Tech show based in the UK had the idea of testing out real immersive VR where you can actually feel the pain once you get shot. Of course they used paintball bullets instead of real bullets. And it definitely seemed hurt with a guy experiencing this noting:  “In some ways, we’re glad this isn’t available to buy. Knowing how many hours a day the more devoted FPS fans plough into their favourite pastime, we can just picture a horrified doctor counting 1,785 individual wounds during the post-mortem. It looks very painful.” 

Sega Superstars

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SEGA Superstars was one of the early Xbox Kinect like experiences that were available for sale. However one very big flaw was that the game was definetly not optimized for this kind of experience. With the SEGA ‘Eyetoy’ device needed to do basic functions such as flying meaning that the player has to try to somehow get in inhumane torture positions. (Eyetoy can be seen below) 

Wii Sports

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Wii Sports is probably the game that has dealt the most injuries and strains to players, the hugely popular game which is an all-time bestseller and recently joined the Gaming Hall of Fame allows you to play all kinds of sports from the comfort of your living room from tennis, gold to boxing.

However due to the close proximities with most people having small living rooms and also the fact that players must be close to each other and the Wii console meaning that they occasional accidental whack in the face from your opponent is not a rare event. Furthermore after using the Wii Sports controller for long enough you start to feel a strain from all the squeezing and the constant rotation of your wrist which can lead to serious injury. 

Arm Spirit

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The Arm Spirit is a retro arcade machine that allows you to arm wrestle by yourself. It might be now hard to find and few people know about this piece of wonder however few people are said to have been able to beat with many other suffering from injuries and of course getting absolutely humiliated :(.


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The PainStation (not affiliated with Sony) is a gaming device developed by Tilman Reiff and Volker Morawe. The game is based on the popular game pong but with a twist. Every time you concede you get tazered by a small volt of electricity. The gaming device has a few modes and intensities and unsurprisingly has not managed to catch on.

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