10 Events in History Assassin’s Creed Should Look Into

With Assassin’s Creed Empire rumored to be dropping in 2017 and it being set in Egypt which has got everyone salivating with the further leaked news of a trilogy as well as the return to traditional warfare similar to the first games in the franchise and in fact even more primal. This may be the moment that revives this dying franchise so we have decided to list 10 more potential historical settings which have the potential to create a grand Assasin’s Creed game.

World War 1

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World War 1 is a potentially great location with modern weaponry still at its dawn it will allow for the Assassin to still dominate without the need of an OP handgun of some sort. Despite World War 1 being known as the war of the trenches however there were hundreds if not thousands of sieges of towns a famous one being that of the Battle of Liege which is considered the first major battle in the war where 70,000 Belgium troops managed to defeat 320,000 Germans despite being outnumbered and suffering from a technological disadvantage. As well as to add the Battle of the Somme which was 2 years long (not kidding) and was a complete bloodbath with over 1 million soldiers dying.

World War 2

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World War 2 is an interesting time frame to visit with many possibilities for Ubisoft to take in terms of character development with the protagonist potentially being Jewish, American, British, a Russian defending Stalingrad from German advances or even a Polishmen  fighting against both the USSR and Nazi Germany the possibilities are just endless. Maybe even a German assassin fighting against Nazi tyranny.

Roman Times

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Visiting the Romans will allow for a massive, detailed game. The Roman’s despite being the most developed socially, politically and militaristicly were not stranger to controversy and intrigue with a constant struggle over power and control of the richest and most powerful on Earth at the time. The Assassin’s Creed series can therefore take a few paths to this they can explore the Republic years with the player maybe having an option to decide for which family he will serve(House of Julii, House of Brutii or the House of Scipii) or alternatively he could serve the House of Julii who ended up forming the empire under Caesar. Alternatively you could be a barbarian fighting against the expansion of the empire which in which you will be from Brittania (British Isles mainly Scotland) or from a Germanic Tribe in you guessed it Germany.

Ancient Greece

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Ancient Greece is another time frame that will simply be amazing, Ancient Greece at the time of its peak before the rise of the Roman Empire was the centre of the known world. What makes this even better in my opinion is the ability to add a strong sense of mythology if the game is set in Ancient Greece without making the game weird in any way. 


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India is another interesting choice with such a rich culture and history as well as variety the possibility are endless. For those of you that don’t know India was never a country before the British Empire who managed to merge the complex systems as best they could before its eventual independence. Some possibilities that the came could take for me is that it can be some kind of struggle between the Hindus or Muslims (which is unlikely as it is very controversial), alternatively an early struggle for independence from European colonialism or even playing as a white European who is helping the Europeans colonize the Indian peninsula.


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China has been a highly requested direction for the franchise to take with many possibilities from the First Dynasty under the Xias all the way to the Ming and Qing dynasties. The Chinese were thousands of years ahead of Europe and the Middle East before B.C. with many interesting events that can be visited one of the most appealing in my opinion being the Mongol Invasion.


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You may be wondering why there as so many Asian countries in this list, well that is because of the rich culture and history that is concentrated in that region as well as the turmoil that had embroiled the now mainly peaceful region of the word. Japan is of course the home of the Samurai as well as being famous for its isolation and also civil wars with Japan being divided since forever until a few hundreds years ago. Furthermore Japan can offer an amazing experience with it being made up of over 6000 islands this will allow for an interesting gameplay and mechanics. 

Middle East

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The Middle East is widely considered by historians to be the birth place of Assassins also known there as ‘Hassassins’ who historians believe during the 11th century during the Crusades taking place in the Middle East. The Middle East is a very interesting place for the fledgling franchise to visit with many different cultures and religions just to name a few Christians (Catholic and Orthodox), Muslims(Shia and Sunni), Jews and Pagans. 


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The Future is a very interesting setting for an Assassin’s Creed it can either be amazing or be a total No Man’s Sky, sorry I meant failure haha. The possibility with this are simply endless with no boundaries of keeping it historically accurate. In my opinion this is 100% possible based on the storyline and gameplay out of the Animus. An example of how the storyline could go would be something goes wrong in the real world this time and not the simulation and now the protagonist must save the real world instead of the past, after all Ubisoft managed to pull off the Animus theory which many at the start called stupid and weird and therefore they can do anything. And yes we know that the list is about historical events but we just had to add this as it is just damn awesome.

Ottoman Armenia (Unlikely)

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Now this may be a bit controversial and some Turkish gamers may not be happy with this but it will sure be an interesting setting for an Assassin’s Creed game which could sell very very well due to all the media attention to it. In Ottoman Armenian during and before the First World War millions of Armenians and other Christian and Slavic minorities were massacred indiscriminately (some Turks will debate this). If an Assassin’s Creed game that miraculously visit this area and period it is likely that the protagonist will be either Russian or Armenian (who were involved with the war with the Russians helping the Armenians considerably) with a small possibility of him being British or American (you know American’s just need to save the world.)

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