Battlefield 2 WW2 Leak & Rumour Information

Battlefield 2 is predicted by almost all gamers and gaming publications to be the next Battlefield video game, and there have been numerous links. Here are all the rumors and leaks about Battlefield 2.

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  • Battlefield 2’s single-player campaign will apparently be based around a WW2 squad which kind of reminds me of the similar mechanic in Medal of Honour Pacific Assault and also that of Call Of Duty WW2.
  • The story will likely focus on each of the personal stories of the WW2 squad taking a similar approach like Battlefield 1 where there were various perspectives and storylines of different lines of the stories.
  • It is not yet known if the single-player campaign in Battlefield 2 will allow the player to play as the Germans or the Japanese.
  • There will still likely be behemoths and also of course Battlefield’s building destructions.
  • There will almost surely be DLCs and microtransactions
  • The title has not yet been decided but its likely to be called Battlefield 2
  • There will likely be female and minority characters to help promote diversity
  • In Battlefield 2 you will be able to both manuever and fire the turrets of a tank by yourself unlike in Battlefield 1
  • Auto-repair functions will also not be present in Battlefield 2 (thank god!)
  • Random bullet deviation and casual gunplay will likely still be in Battlefield 2
  • Random bullet deviation, on the other hand, could potentially be reduced or minimized to please players
  • The American perspective will for sure stay but there could possibly be a few other perspective mixed in there but they will likely be swayed towards that of the Allied side with likely some soldiers in the Squad being British potentially
  • Mechanics are rumored to stay similar but be an improvement of those in Battlefield 1
  • Maps will remain very large, there will be close quarter combat but the way that will work is that it will take place in more urban city or areas with more physical structures such as forests or cliff regions.
  • Airplane battles will likely be a massive thing as that is the war that the air side of war really took off (no puns intended)
  • There will likely be more customization than in Battlefield 1 which is something that players really want, the customization, however, will likely be of weapons
  • There will be some censorship in the game around sensitive content such as swastikas, MP1ST reported that there will be swastikas but they will not be available on flags but just on some German troops and maybe vehicles and other miscellaneous places such as buildings. MP1ST also reported that DICE and EA will likely instead use the Iron Cross instead on the flags and other memorabilia that could be abused and upset people.
  • Premium system will also still exist in Battlefield 2
  • There have also been rumors that the next game may actually be a new entry in the Bad Company franchise (likely Bad Company 3) which will give the Battlefield franchise a little break and also build up hype for Battlefield 2 which may then be released in 2019 or 2020.

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