Best Total War Saga: Thrones Of Britannia Mods

Variation Pack Reborn

Variation Pack Reborn is a mod that increases cosmetic and aesthetic variations in the 3D battles of troop faces, shields, armor, weapons and even facial hair. The mod also tries to make the game more historically accurate with Total War Saga: Thrones of Britannia facing a lot of criticism about as in the timeframe the game is set in there was not a lot of mail and leather armor but instead a lot more padded armor.

Colorful Buttons

This is another aesthetic mod which addresses another criticism made by zealous Total War fans that the buttons in the game a lot of them are white and have no color, this mod addresses this and adds color to all the buttons in the game making the whole experience much more pleasing and enjoyable.

Bloody Aftermath

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Bloody Aftermath is a mod that makes 3D battles more bloody and realistic, it makes blood more permanent on the ground, makes blood splashes more common, adjusts blood color and makes it more realistic and also does non-blood and gore related improvements to the game such as removing the effects of grass and snow flicking up when units walk and run.

Total Variation Enhancer

Total Variation Enhancer is a mod that reskins all the vanilla units in the game, with a more unique variation of faces, beards, hairstyles for all the different cultures in the game making it more realistic. For examples, the Viking faction will have more troops with blonde hair while other cultures like the Welsh will have more black and brown haired troops with different hairstyles based on their historical look.

The Last Kingdom ToB

The Last Kingdom ToB is a mod that brings unique units from the BBC 2 series The Last Kingdom which includes characters from the T.V series such as Alfred, Uthred, and Sigefrid as well as unique family trees based on the series. The Last Kingdom ToB mod does not change a lot but it is great for roleplaying.

NordoPic: Alternative 3D Card Style (ALPHA)

The NordoPic: Alternative 3D Card Style (Alpha) is a mod that replaces all unit cards in the Total War Britannia video game with a Total War Medieval 2 inspired style, this affects both in campaign map view and also in 3D battle view.

25 Playable Factions

The 25 Playable Factions mod unlocks all the factions that exist in the game which unfortunately most of them are not playable at all, the game also adds a few more potential factions for the custom battle mode. This mod will help improve the longevity of the game with the players able to try out different starts and unique challenges.

Radious Total War Mod

Radious Total War Mod is the most subscribed mod for Total War Saga: Thrones Of Britannia for now anyway, the mod is a complete overhaul mod which adds new 104 custom units, rebalances buildings & trade and many more changes. There are currently hundreds of changes made through this mod that is updated regularly. It is maintained by a group of volunteers who are partly supported through Patreon and Paypal donations.

Better Camera Mod

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Better Camera mod is a well-known mod from both Total War: Warhammer 1 and Total War: Warhammer 2 which improves the 3D battle camera. It allows you have greater control with some features for example being the ability to press ‘K’ to turn off UI for a more cinematic view and also, for example, pressing ‘N’ to zoom in without a unit disappearing.

Unlimited Governors

Unlimited Governors is a mod that allows you to have an unlimited amount of governors, it is very popular as in the game there is a limit of max 10 governors for a player which can be quiet annoying and really does not make a lot of sense. This mod can be classed as a bit of a cheat mod as it definitely makes the game easier for the player using it.

12 Turns Per Year

This mod increases the amount of turns per year in the Total War Saga: Throne Of Britannia video game to 12, effectively prolonging the game for those who feel that the campaign is too short or want a go at a experience closer to that of a sandbox mode. Despite this mod’s popularity a lot of players feel that 12 turns per year makes it too long and hurts the family tree role play aspect of the game so it is really up to the player’s taste.

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