Blizzard Interested In Overwatch Movie Or Animation

The director of Overwatch Jeff Kaplan has said that Blizzard is interested one day in creating or licensing the creation of a visual incarnation of Overwatch either in the form of a movie or in the form of an animation that sticks to the art style of the game which honestly I would prefer over a real-life looking movie. And Overwatch is a massive game being fuelled by its eSports division that is currently the fastest growing eSport games in the world with the games characters being extremely well known throughout the gaming community and it would be interesting to get some lore and a more

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Jeff Kaplan said while speaking to Game Reactor at the Fun & Serious Game Festival in Spain “We would really love to make something like a feature film or an episodic series…These are things that we’re very, very interested in.” With Jeff Chamberlain who directed the Overwatch announcement short film to add “Jeff and his crew are the best partners we [could] possibly ask for, and they are always pushing us to explore the other mediums to tell the story of Overwatch and they partner very closely with us, we make the animated shorts together, we make the comics together, and so we are consistently talking about what other things we could be doing. We know we can not do a lot of linear narrative within the game itself. It’s a six vs. six PvP game, so we are very open-minded to exploring other areas.”

Video game movies have become more and more popular but most are still poorly received by movie critics but I hope that eventually this will change and Blizzard could be one of the firms making the difference as they are known for their perfectionism.

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