Blizzard To Update Hanzo Casual Skin After Fan Outcry

Blizzard has updated the Hanzo Winter Wonderland skin after an outcry from fans who were extremely unhappy about how the in-game skin was different to the announced skin. With many players criticizing Blizzard’s art choice of giving Hanzo a grey/silver bear and also making his hair on his sides longer than usual with some stark hair engravings.

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Blizzard community manager Josh Engen added “The general consensus seems to be that you love the illustration that this skin is based on, but aren’t super happy how it was translated into the game…We actually agree with that sentiment, and our artists have already mocked up some changes they’d like to make to this skin in an upcoming patch.” The majority of the changes will be on Hanzo’s face with the rest being pretty much the same like you can see from the image above.

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