College Student Creates Entire Overwatch Map By Himself And Its Amazing

A college student called Joshua Llorente known on Reddit as Joshua12g has created an entire Overwatch map from scratch all by himself. He posted a video of the map with some information on Reddit and it went viral getting over 3600 upvotes.

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Llorente spent over 2 months on the map as he is also currently attending college, he used Unreal Engine 4, Substance Painter, Photoshop, and 3ds Max to create the software. Llorente was also asked by another Reddit user if he would apply to work for Blizzard he replied “I still need to learn a lot, I don’t have the proper knowledge in creating an optimized, fully functional environment. I think I’ll gather first some experience here in our local game dev industry. And maybe in the future I’ll try to apply there.” It is important to note however that the map will not be playable as it will need to be specially configured and programmed.

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