Counter Strike Might Be Getting A Battle Royale Mode

Counter Strike might be getting its very own battle royale mode with the battle royale genre currently being extremely popular with Valve likely willing to jump on the trend bandwagon. There has currently been no official, however, one of the biggest unofficial Valve news outlets known as the Valve News Network . The Valve News Network saw that in patches from May 2017 saw that the game’s developers have put up references about new weapons and also a new battle royale mode.

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If this becomes a reality Counter Strike will not be the first game to add a Battle Royale mode with Grand Theft Auto V and Ark: Survival Evolved adding battle royale modes in the past couple of months. It is not 100% sure if it will come yet as it has simply been named as Survival Mode in the game patches however it is very likely and it is very likely to come soon, read more at VG247. However, some of the weapons that were clearly mentioned by name were compound bows, breach charges, adrenaline shots, sonar pulses and also bare-fisted combat(which is admittedly still a bit vague)

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