Destiny 2 Curse Of Osiris Locks End Game Activities

The Curse Of Osiris DLC has finally arrived and it raises the level cap to 330 however it has now become apparent that it has also had other less sought after changes in that in the end game high-level activities the caps have been raised meaning you need to buy the Curse of Osiris DLC to play them, it is literally a must. What this means is that without this DLC players can’t unlock high-level weapons, get certain trophies and achievements.

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Why this is controversial is that a DLC is supposed to be an optional expansion to a game, not a way to lock out players of parts of a game they paid $60 or more for.

However, this is not the first time that Bungie has done this, in 2014 with the first Destiny game they locked out the event called ‘Destiny’s Weekly Strike’ again behind a DLC. It seems if you are planning to buy a Destiny and play it for a prolonged amount of time you should be prepared to spend a few hundreds of dollars just on the main and the DLC’s.

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