Football Manager 2019 release date, news, trailer, rumours, new features – Everything We Know So Far

Football Manager 2019 release date, news, trailer, rumours, new features – Everything We Know So Far

Football Manager 2019 Release Date

Football Manager is likely to be extremely likely to be released in November 2018 with the earliest date being late October 2018, however, pre-orders will be available from September 2018. There has not been yet any official announcements by SEGA or Sports Interactive in regards to the release date of Football Manager 2019 but it is at the same period every year so we can give you a pretty accurate guess.

F00tball Manager 2019 News

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There has been not a lot of news in regards to Football Manager  2019 yet with Football Manager 2018 getting released just two months ago (as of writing this). However, it has been reported that there will be new leagues coming to Football Manager 2019 and also a lot of new licenses which will introduce more real club logos rather than the current colored in crests.

We keep you updated on any Football Manager 2019 news that surfaces in the coming months.

Football Manager 2019 Trailer

There has currently been no official Football Manager 2019 trailer released so we will embed the latest Football Manager 2018 trailer until the official Football Manager 2019 trailer is released.

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Football Manager 2019 Rumours

There are currently no rumours but we will update you as time goes on.

Football Manager 2019 New Features

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  • Improved 3D match visuals
  • Aswell as of course small tweaks, improvements, and aesthetic changes.

We will continue adding to this as more information is released.

Football Manager 2019 Wishlist

  • A radical improvement to the 3D match engine.
  • Better chairman personalities e.g. having a very demanding chairman or even a terrible chairman that is removing money from the club etc. It happens in real life and will make the game more realistic.
  • Add potentially a player-manager mode it will make the game more fun and give it a new side.
  • A one match mode, there should be a quick match mode where you can select the team you want to play as and the team against and just have one match, it will be great fun if you want to roleplay and test out your strategy.
  • AI improvements, they should seriously work on improving the AI’s decisions not just on the pitch but also in the way it targets transfers.
  • Adding different difficulties
  • Improve international management, by giving the player more things to do and more events as currently its just the same old thing.
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