Fortnite Battle Royale 101 Tips

Tip #1 – Don’t Run Out In The Open

We all know how stressful it is when the storm comes and your area of play gets smaller and it is inevitable that you will find yourself sprinting to try and avoid the attrition damage. But make sure to try not to run across the plain terrain.

Tip #2 – Make sure to find a weapon with a scope

Having a weapon with a scope will allow you to pick out enemies from a distance without risking getting killed yourself.

Tip #3 – You can’t outrun the storm

Like in PUBG once the storm begins(the area confines), it closes fast and you can’t outrun it, therefore it is essential that you begin moving into the new area or you will either die or lose a lot of health.

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Tip #4 – Don’t try to build impressive fortifications

Many new players have a thing with building massive fortifications and buildings but this is a waste of time and resources as walls can be destroyed easily and you will find your impressive building ruined to rubble with the other problem being that if your building ends up inside the storm you can’t use it anymore anyway.

Tip #5 – Try To Reach The Safe Circle First

Getting to the safe circle first allows you to pick the best position and get the best loot.

Tip #6 – Build Walls During Battles

Pro tip here guys, you can build walls during battle, in order to help defend yourself, however, remember that walls take a few seconds to build but its still worth it if you are having a mid-range gun battle with an opponent.

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Tip #7 – Listen For The Twinkle

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Loot chests that give awesome items including possible rare weapons have a twinkle sound effect which you can hear if you get close enough to them, so make sure to look out for the twinkle as it can be a game changer.

Tip #8 – Use Strong Materials For Your Defences

If you are in the late phase of the match and are thinking about beginning to build your defences make sure you are using strong materials and upgrade your walls as having a fort made out of wood will be like a knife through butter for the enemy.

Tip #9 – Resource Warfare (Late game)

In the late game when you are beginning to experience the small confines you begin to notice that ammo and health packs become more valuable, you can use this to your advantage by allowing your opponent if you are in the last two to waste a decent amount of his ammo or the ammo of his best gun and then just out and take them out.

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Tip #10 – Remember About Bullet Traces

When you fire any gun in Fornite, your bullets have traces which makes it easy for opponents to see your position.

Tip #11 – Try To Avoid Built Up Areas

Built-up areas are where most of the items can be found and also where you can find free fortifications, however, this is where everyone goes and it may be smarter to let the opponents kill themselves and walk in in later parts of the game when it is calmer.

Tip #12 – Layers of Defence

Make sure to have mutliple layers of defence in your fort, which will allow you to fall back inside even if the outer layer is breached.

Tip #13 – Don’t Forget About Ceilings

Building ceilings may sound stupid unless you are planning to expand upwards however they are a good idea as they offer protection from above and from grenades that can be thrown over the walls.


Tip #14 – Don’t Move Straight

Moving in a straight line is the worst way to move as it leaves you exposed on all sides, so don’t do it!

Tip #15 – Use Headphones

Headphones are a must, this is a Battle Royale game and your aim is to survive and being able to hear and detect your surroundings as good as possible is a must.

Tip #16 – The Aim Is To Survive

Many people try to be the MVP and kill as many opponents as you can but that is a risky and ineffective strategy, your aim instead should be to survive, allow them to slaughter each other while you prepare yourself for the final phases of the matches!

Tip #17 – Consider your chances

Is it worth jumping out and killing your opponent nearby and what are your chances of actually doing it and not dying? Remember the game is about surviving not getting the highest killstreak

Tip #18 – Use Traps

Remember to use traps, they add an extra defensive layer and protect your parameters.

Tip #19 – Rebuild Game Buildings

If you have found a nice spot inside a building where you are planning to spend a long time in, make sure put some walls up on any weak points as good majority of the buildings are either partly ruins or have terrible weak points.

Tip #20 – Aim For the Centre

The best position on the map throughout the whole game is the centre of the ‘safe circle’, it allows you have a clearer view of the whole playing field, good positions you could move to and also avoids you have to enter the circle and get picked off by the opponents waiting inside for you.

Tip #21 – Save The Best Resource

Use wood for in-battle wall building as wood is very plentiful and keep the rarer resources such as stone and metal for the later stages to build stronger walls.

Tip #22 – Be Careful With The Rocket Launchers

Like in most games rocket launchers are lethal and they also deal a lot of damage to you if you shoot them to a close-range target, so make sure to avoid that at all costs as there is nothing worse and killing yourself by accident.

Tip #23 – Collecting Resources With Pickaxe Is Loud

Remember that if you use a pickaxe to destroy buildings and environmental features you will make a lot of sounds which will give out your position to any players nearby.

Tip #24 – Don’t Use The Pickaxe for fighting

The pickaxe can be used for fighting but it does not do a lot of damage compared to any gun in the game and you also have to melee fight your opponent meaning you are likely to be killed before you even reach them.

Tip #25 – Don’t Immediately Jump Out Of The Bus

The noobie mistake is to immediately jump out of the flying bus along with more than half of all the other players however an experienced will know that there is no need to jump out so soon as you are only hurting your chances of winning.

Tip #26 – Weapon Spawns Are Random

Remember that all weapon spawns are random even if the chests have a higher chance of a rare weapon it does not guarantee it, so make sure to weigh up if it’s really worth risking dying for a small chance of getting a slightly better weapon.

Tip #27 – The Map Is Smaller

The map in Fortnite is actually smaller but it has the same amount of players as PUBG per match meaning the games are much more intense and you have lower survival chance theoretically.

Tip #28 – Remember To Jump

Jumping is not just useful for getting over weird landscapes it is also useful when in a gun battle and when you are running away from enemies in Fortnite Battle Royale.

Tip #29 – Get One Of Each

Make sure that you have one of each type of weapon, meaning a long range weapon (a sniper), a medium range weapon (a machine gun) and also a close range weapon (a shotgun).  This will allow you to be effective in all situations.

Tip #30 – Rocket Launchers Are OP

A rocket launcher aimed correctly at an enemy guarantees certain death, however, they are very rare to find and the ammo is also limited.

Tip #31 – Beware Of The Gap Under

When building wall next to a hill, cliff or other uneven surface what can happen is that your wall is actually flying in the air leaving a pretty big gap underneath which allow for enemies to just shoot underneath it and kill you.

Tip #32 – Bullet Delay

There is a bullet delay which you must take into considerations when fighting, for example if you are sniping someone from a distance and they are sprinting trying to get away from you, you should aim your scope a small distance in front of them in order for the bullet to him them otherwise you will miss if you aim directly at them.

Tip #33 – Always Stay Together (Squad)

If you are playing in squad mode always make sure to stay together otherwise you will suffer from a severe numerical disadvantage.

Tip #34 – The Bus Takes A Random Path

Remember to check the map before every game and see where the bus is moving as the bus take a different route aka angle on where it drops you off meaning sometimes you will be on the other side of your favourite landing spot in Fortnite Battle Royale which must have a Plan B.

Tip #35 – Try To Avoid Houses

Houses are the most obvious and popular place that players go to, by going into the built-up areas with all the houses you are guaranteed to run into someone and with such close range skill is not a big factor.

Tip #36 – Get The Supply Crate

In the late game you get what is known as the ‘Supply Crate’ in Fornite Battle Royale which is the same as a loot chest but it has the highest possible chances of good items, it will definitely sway the battle in the favour of whoever manages to get there first and extract the items.

Tip #37 – Make A Hole

If you find yourself in the city or a built up area with a lot of buildings next to each other, it is safer and easier to simply just destroy a wall and get to the next building that way. However be careful as it does make a lot of sound.

Tip #38 – Hill Climb


If you need to get to higher ground like on top of a tall cliff or hill build stairways to the top rather than walking around its flat face.

Tip #39 – Include A Slope In Your Building

Including a slope inside your building using stairs means that any grenades thrown inside will just roll down and reduce the chances of you getting damaged.

Tip #40 – Loot Lake Gamble

Loot Lake’s name should be enough to giveaway that this should be the place you should go if you are all about the ‘looting chest life’, however, be careful as many players have the same idea, but its a gamble that can pay off and see you win the game and if you die at the start of the game you can always join a new game after 15 seconds.

Tip #41 – Rarer Weapons Have Better Accuracy

Higher level weapons that you can find don’t just deal more damage they are also a lot more accurate and make a real difference in whether you die or kill your opponent and if you win or lose.

Tip #42 – Slow Water

In the water you only move at half of your normal speed so try to avoid it or you will be literally a sitting duck with no cover in the lakes on the Fortnite Battle Royale maps either.

Tip #43 – Sky Bridge

This is a bit advanced, but during the late game often a stalemate occurs where a war of attrition with both sides just constantly firing at each other’s walls. What you can do instead is built a sky bridge using floor panels which will allow you to take your enemy by surprise.

Tip #44 – Build At Least Two Stories

Building at least two stories for your building is another precaution against grenades as it means that it will be harder for the enemy to throw them inside your base.

Tip #45 – Use Third Person

Fortnite Battle Royale is exclusively third person and the developers have said they have no plans to make it first person, so make sure to use that to your advantage as it gives you a much bigger area of view and lets you peek around corners more effectively.

Tip #46 – Crouching Improves Aiming

Crouching does improve aiming as it fixes the retina scope which is that red circle which you see when looking down your weapon

Tip #47 – Don’t Trap Yourself In The Sky

This is a real noobie mistake, in Fornite Battle Royale you don’t need a solid structure which means if you build a staircase or tower that is really tall if someone destroys the bottom you are stuck in the sky and you can’t jump down or you will die from fall damage, so you are then essentially a sitting duck with the enemy having no need to even shoot at you as they can just destroy what is remaining of the floor in your building.

Tip #48 – Weapon Rarity

In Fortnite Battle Royale there are 5 levels of weapon rarity, with the rarer the item the more lethal and effective it will be. So make sure to switch your lower levels weapons for the higher level alternatives.

Tip #49 – Use Vehicles For Cover

Vehicles are scarce but they are very effective for cover as they are indestructible with the biggest vehicle that you can find being the lorry.

Tip #50 – Height Advantage

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Make sure to always look for a height advantage as it will allow you to have a better view, a better defensive position and also improve your shooting.

Tip #51 – Check the map regularly

Checking the map regularly is a must and its why we included it in our list of Fortnite Battle Royale 101 Tips, it will make sure you always know your position, can identify your defensive weak points such as nearby hills and stay ahead of the storm(literally!).

Tip #52 – Use the pickaxe for gathering resources

The pickaxe is perfect for gathering resources by destroying trees and buildings as it has an infinite use, never ever use your weapons to destroy a building when gathering resources!

Tip #53 – Building fortifications


One of the unique and certainly the stand out mechanic in Fortnite Battle Royale is that you can build building and fortifications, and you should use this to your advantage especially in the later game where everyone usually has good weapons.

Tip #54 – Water Bridge

This is the same point as the Sky Bridge point but if it is a necessity for you to get over a huge body of water and don’t have time to go around it, you can build floors over it (depends if you have enough materials) and it will allow you to sprint over the water at normal speed however it is a huge waste of resources and still very dangerous and risky.

Tip #55 – Look for the glow

Weapons, ammo and all other items you can pick up glow so make sure to look out for it!

Tip #56 – Spam The E Key

What we mean by this is that if you see a ton of loot from an enemy you just killed, in a building or out in the open just run to it and spam the E key as you are most vulnerable while looting and you can always discard your items later in the game.

Tip #57 – Use items as bait

This a tactic used by many experienced players, you basically find a good camping spot next to a big pile of items and wait for another player to foolishly sprint over to them to collect them and you kill them.

Tip #58 – Don’t look for vehicles

If you are a PUBG veteran just do yourself a favour and don’t look for vehicles because there simply isn’t any and there is no need for them in the first place as the maps are small.

Tip #59 – Listen For The Sprint

You should stop and listen for the sprinting sound as most players are too impatient to simply walk or crouch to their next cover and will reveal their positions, its especially useful if someone is spriting towards you from behind or on your sides trying to ambush you in Fortnite Battle Royale.

Tip #60 – Blue Circle Of Death

In the later stages of the game, you get what is called the ‘Blue Circle Of Death’ and it works on the same basis as the storm however if you go inside it you instantly die.

Tip #61 – Moist Rewards

In the ‘Moisty Mire’ location on the map, an area overlooked by most players there is a trippy spawn of loot chests which will for sure boost you up for the rest of the game.

Tip #62 – Get The Headshot

Headshotting like in any game is a lifesaver, so aim for those headshots it will save you lots of trouble.

Tip #63 – Double Check Landing

While parachuting down, a part of the game which is unskippable but doesn’t take it for granted instead use that time to look around for players, loot chests, items and your surroundings.

Tip #64 – Look Out For Armour

Armour is key in this game, it allows you to literally double your health however it is extremely rare(even rarer than health packs and bandages).

Tip #65 – No attachments

Unlike in PUBG weapons don’t have attachments meaning you can’t modify your weapons, this is not a bad or a good point it just means that the game works differently.

Tip #66 – Loot Everything

Make sure to search and loot every building and container you see, it will increase your chances of finding rare weapons and important items such as health packs and bandages.

Tip #67 – Crouching Is Quieter

Crouching quieter than walking upright and will help you not get noticed by enemies close by, you can also sprint in crouched mode however it is slower but still faster than just walking upright.

Tip #69 – Aim For 500

Try to have 500 resources in the last phases of the match in order to have enough for building your fortifications.

Tip #70 – Same Weapon Same Ammo

If you for example have three shotguns, they will all be using the same ammo, meaning that if you run out of ammo for one that you run out of ammo for all. This is another reason to have different kinds of weapons, there is no need to have more than one of any type of weapon, just go for the highest level one that you have at your disposal.

Tip #71 – Don’t Forget Green Ammo Boxes

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Many people forget and miss the Green Ammo boxes, try to search them and look out for them as they will help you win the game.

Tip #72 – Get Those Explosives

When you reach the top 10 this is when the fort building starts and if you don’t have some kind of explosive you are probably screwed and at the very least at a big disadvantage.

Tip #73 – If You Get Ambushed

If you get ambushed from behind or from sides the best solution is to press ‘F1’ on your keyboard drop some walls and retreat to safety.

Tip #74 – Don’t Fall In Love With Your Fort

Many players out there become attached to their forts and begin fighting to the death to save it, good players realize that it’s always possible to build another fort and it’s better to either escape and fight another day or let the opponent waste their ammo destroying your fort.

Tip #75 – Check For Ambushers

Especially in the later stages of the game you must make sure that there are no people behind you or on your weak points there waiting to take you by surprise and kill you.

Tip #76 – Natural Cover

Try to use natural cover such as trees, hill and big rocks. It will help you save resources and also will allow you to keep your position hidden.

Tip #77 – Cloudy

When you sprint either crouched or upright you create a dust cloud behind you, make sure to look out for that as it will allow you to spot enemy players and also watch out for that yourself as sprinting will give away your position but it is inevitable as sprinting is an essential part of the game.

Tip #78 – Avoid The Center (Late Game)

In late game where everyone is bunched together being at the centre is a big disadvantage as your position is visible and exposed to everyone and you are just prey for your opponents.

Tip #79 – Aim For Neck Area

Aiming for the neck area guarantees that you at least do some damage by getting a body shot but it also increases your chances of getting a lethal headshot.

Tip #80 – Steal Forts

If you ever kill an enemy player you can always go in their fort and take it for yourself, stealing is not against the game’s rules haha.

Tip #81 – Stand Still While Shooting

If you are shooting and you are not getting shot at its best to try and stand still as it will increase your accuracy.

Tip #82 – Looting At The Start

Looting at the start is very important, as it will help you survive the tougher part of the game which is, in my opinion, the middle part from player count 50 to 20.

Tip #83 – Guaranteed Gun

Remember that gold chests will always drop some type of gun whether it is rare or not.

Tip #84 – Name Don’t Matter

Many players give an emphasis on landing in a location that is named on the map, however, there are countless places on the Fornite Battle Royale map which are full of awesome items and even Gold chests it’s just a matter of exploring and a bit of luck. The benefit of this is the extra safety you will get.

Tip #85 – Edit Your Walls

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Editing your walls allows you to build doors and windows giving you the option to shoot out at enemies with extra protection and also exit your building quickly and easily without wasting any more resources than you need to.

Tip #86 – Guns With No Ammo

Guns will always spawn with ammo next to them, what this means if you find a gun with no ammo is that it has been left there by a player so be careful while picking it up as the player may still be nearby.

Tip #87 – Join In 1v1’s

If you see two players going at it in a 1v1, you can either wait for them to finish and one of them to die and then kill the other one while they are collecting the loot or alternatively wait for the moment one of them is dead and go for it as they would be most likely low on health potentially bullets giving you the upper hand.

Tip #88 – Equip Pickaxe When Looting

Equipping the Pickaxe when looting means that you won’t be accidentally swapping out your weapon for another.

Tip #89 – Let Them Loot For You

If you see an opponent going into a house to loot it, it’s smarter to let them go in and loot it for you then you can kill them and take all the loot they picked up for you.

Tip #90 – Don’t Leave A Trail

By building a lot of strucutures and dropping items you are essentially creating a trail that other players can use to track you and kill you, so try to avoid that.

Tip #91 – Don’t Panic (Rocket Launchers)

It may be super scary for new players especially to see a rocket flying towards them and the fort they just built however panicking is the worst thing you can do in that situation. Unless your building is built from wood it will be able to endure substantial firepower concentrated at it.

Tip #92 Stormphobia

Many players are terrified of the storm, but its a fear you need to overcome if you are to become a good player. All experienced players use the storm to their advantage by advancing after the storm’s lines which mean that there is likely no one behind you. You will take some damage depending on how far away from the safe zone you are but you can benefit from that extra time of looting and also the extra safety and positioning.

Tip #93 – Muffling Sound

While you are bashing things with your pickaxe or shooting your gun you are muffling the sounds from footsteps meaning an enemy could be sprinting or sneaking towards you and you won’t even know it.

Tip #94 – Fire Hydrants

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Fire Hydrants have a use, if you shoot them a water will burst up and if you jump on top of that water you will get catapulted upwards which will let you take your enemy by surprise without wasting any valuable resources.

Tip #95 – Bushes

Bushes are a great way to stay hidden and if done properly not even your head is visible.

Tip #96 – Chest Floor Glitch

This is one very stupid glitch but if you have found one of the cherished Gold Chests make sure not to destroy the floor underneath it or the chest will permanently disappear.

Tip #97 – Rocket Scouting (Ultra Advanced)

You an actually ride rockets in Fortnite Battle Royle, the way it works is you build one stairway and make a player go to the top of it and someone fires a rocket launcher with the other player jumping on top of it and riding it. This can be very useful for scouting but make sure to jump off before you go outside the safezone, fall damage isnt a problem with fall damage not being too strict in Fortnite Battle Royale as you are literally able to jump off a two or three storie building.

Tip #98 Pistols Are Very Nice (*Borat Voice)

Pistols may seem like the worst weapons in Fortnite Battle Royale, with many players coming from PUBG however pistols are very effective at close to mid range combat so don’t overlook them.

Tip #99 – Let It Go

If you don’t have a clear shot or you know you are in a vulnerable position its best to let the opponent currently in your site go and hopefully be killed by someone else otherwise you put yourself in danger.

Tip #100 – Gliding Faster

You can glide down faster and get to the juicy loot first by gliding to the side of the map above the ocean which will mean you dived vertically at top speed and then your glider will open over the ocean (then you have to glide back into land) allowing you to get down to the ground much faster.

Tip #101 – Look Under The Stairs

Epic Games seem to be some sneaky fellas, there are numerous green ammo boxes and items hidden underneath stairs in houses and buildings and funnily enough its a place few players actually check.


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