Fortnite Battle Royale Best Player List

WBG Strafesh0t – #1

Stratesh0t a twitch streamer part of the WBG aka the World Best Gaming clan, here is his twitch channel link : ( As of writing this he has 3,376 games played and an impressive 1,689 wins which is the highest win to lose ration in the top 10 by far.

AlexRamiGaming – #2

AlexRamiGaming is the entry with the biggest following with as of writing this over 460k Youtube subscribers a following he has gained in just four months just from streaming Fortnite Battle Royale, he is the Playstation player with the highest amount of wins and currently the player with the second highest wins in the world, he previously held the title of most wins for months before being knocked off the top by Strafesh0t. (Link:


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MR WHITEGUY comes third in the list with 1,439 wins out of 4,608 games, he is the best Fortnite Battle Royale player right now on the Xbox One platform with the closest one being Enraveee who is 11th on this list with 1,245 wins. Not much is known about him since he is a casual player.

NETJ- – #4

NetJ- is another of the many streamers on this list, he plays on the Playstation 4 like most players on this list. He has 1,422 wins but 5,131 games making him the fourth best player in terms of wins but his win to lose ratio is one of the worst on this list. (Link:

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Twitch_Ettnix – #5

As you can guess by the name Ettnix is also a Twitch streamer, he ranks 5th in the Fortnite Battle Royale win rankings with 1,375 wins and 3,177 games played.  (Link:

Fateu57310 – #6

Fateu57310 is sixth on the list with 1,372 wins and 3,462 games, he is a player that has been fastly climbing up the ranks with an impressive win vs lose ratio of 70%. He is a casual player too.

路人炎 – #7

路人炎 roughly translated as ‘Passerby’ is the 7th entry to the list of Fortnite Battle Royale Best Players, he plays on PC which arguably requires technically more skill are there is not auto aim that you get with controllers (although a PC player can get auto-aim if they play with a controller), aiming with a mouse opposed with a country is generally seen as more challenging.

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Silencedisgolden – #8

Silencedisgolden comes in at number 8 on this list with 1,311 wins and 3,010 games, he is a Playstation player based in the United States. He also is a casual player with no Twitch, Youtube or other streaming services hosting his gameplays.

JeDiiiKniiGhT – #9

JeDiiiKniiGhT is the 9th entry on this list with 1,290 wins and 4,047 games, he is may be the unluckiest player in the world as he is currently ranked 2nd on the rank of the most top 25 spots in the world. He is known in the gaming community for being an avid video game record breaker and has been a top player in many other games such as Call of Duty Infinite Warfare and he has a twitch channel but he is still more of a (Link:

Darktrust – #10

Darktrust is an American Xbox One Fortnite Battle Royale player with 1,269 wins and 2,658 games giving him an impressive win ratio of close to 50%. He is also a casual player with no known streaming platform accounts.

Enraveee – #11

Next up we have another Xbox One player, this time we have Enraveee with 1,250 wins and 3,199 games played. His solo and duo stats are not that impressive but he is, on the other hand, one of the best squad players with top 20 rankings for wins, Top 3 finishes and Top 6 finishes for squads. Enraveee also has no streaming platform accounts.

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TAYLOR_IS_ME comes in at 12th place with 1,223 wins and 3,442 games which is currently about 240 more games than Enraveee but also 27 less wins. Regardless TAYLOR_IS_ME also shows off impressive stats in SQUADS and is one of the best players in that category in the world right now. He is also a casual gamer.

AniiL115 – #13

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AnniL115 is number 13, with 1,219 wins and 2,651 games, he plays on the Playstation 4 platform and has an impressive 76.6% win rate in solo mode.

ExcL_d – #14

ExcL_D is a Playstation gamer with an impressive record of 1,218 wins and 3,442 games, he is one to watch as lately his win ratio has been drastically improving and he may be climbing up the Fortnite Battle Royale leaderboards in the climbing weeks. He is also a casual gamer.

Quickfully – #15

Last but not least we have Quickfully, Quickfully is a Playstation gamer with an impressive 1,215 wins and 2,700 games with an impressive squad win rate of 50% where he also ranks in the top 10 for the most Squad wins.

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