Fortnite Battle Royale New 50 vs 50 Mode Released

Fortnite Battle Royale developers Epic Games today announced during the Game Awards what many players hoped for, that the 50 vs 50 game mode will become a reality and this wish came true but unfortunately it will only be available from the 8th of December to the 17th of December.

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The way the mode will work is that you can join solo or with up to 3 other friends and then you will be joined up with other players into a team of 50 players on each side. The teams will be able to distinguish from each other using a green arrow on top of friendly players, friendly fire will be also turned off to avoid confusion in the blood fest this will be. The game will be won by when there is no one left on one team.

The Fornite Battle Royale game has proven to be a big hit with over 30 million players since its controversial launch with many accusing Epic of copying Bluehole Studios with Epic also being the creators of the game engine that PUBG runs on, despite the 50 vs 50 mode being temporary right now many are speculating that the Epic are testing the water and if it proves popular it could become a permanent game mode.

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