Is Fortnite Dying?

No Fortnite is not dying right now but its growth is slowing down.

A game can never be the most popular game in the world forever however they can still try to claim the number one spot for the longest amount of time. It has become a trend for people to comment on Youtube ‘Why Fornite Is Going To Die’ or ‘Fortnite Is Dying’ in order to get views as Fortnite is the most popular video game right now.

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Fortnite has been compared a lot to Minecraft which is another game that took the world by storm. Fornite is more repetitive and simple than Minecraft which makes people get bored of Fortnite quicker. However, Fortnite has a bigger advantage over Minecraft in that it is free to play which will continue to attract players. Right now the game is not actually dying, its problem is that its growth of new players is slowing down but that is inevitable for all super successful games as if most gamers in the world play your game there will not be a lot of people left to try the game.  There is also a lot of Battle Royale video games coming out as well as popular First Person Shooter games such as Call of Duty now having their own Battle Royale modes which are kind of stealing players away from Fortnite Battle Royale. As we previously stated above it is impossible for any game to stay at the top forever and Fortnite will not be the most popular video game forever but it will still continue to be very profitable for many years to come.

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