Is Kratos A Bad Guy?

Kratos is the protagonist of God Of War, he is a demigod meaning that he is the son of a God and also of a non-God which makes him less favorable and less liked by the Gods.

Throughout the series, the players get to notice that Kratos has not got a good relationship with the Gods due to the fact that they use him to defeat their own enemies while not giving him what they have promised him. This has all made Kratos very angry and he has an eternal grudge against the Gods on Mount Olympus and now the Nordic Gods(in the latest installments).

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Kratos is what is called an anti-hero, which is a protagonist that still fights for good but some of the methods or reasons why he does it may not be the most honorable, pretty much he is not the perfect or ideal hero or role model but this makes the game more exciting and it is unlikely that the game would be this popular if Kratos was a boring good guy. After all God of War’s Kratos is infamous for the brutal ways he kills his enemies from ripping the head off of Helios the Greek God of the sun or when he destroyed Earth during the assault on Mount Olympus or when Kratos unleashed all the Souls of the Dead after he killed Hades.

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