Meet Battlefield 1’s Pirate Easter Egg

Battlefield 1’s latest expansion that enhances significantly the naval aspect of the name known as the Turning Tides expansion, however, a Reddit user and was made well known by Battlefield Youtuber DannyOnPC . The way the Battlefield 1 Pirate easter egg works is that an Ottoman Soldier has to steal a British Destroyer Ship (it won’t work with other ship classes or other factions), finally, once this is done the ship’s flag will turn from the Union Jack to a Pirate flag.

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The Battlefield 1 Turning Tides DLC has been controversial for the fact that half of it will be released in December and the other half will be released in January, despite the fact that its not a free DLC with players given the option to either buy it for a fixed fee or otherwise be part of the Premium Pass which is essentially a subscription service for the game that offers various results from exclusive vehicles, weapons, and missions.

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