NBA Basketball Team Sacramento Kings Are Planning To Create Their Own 2K Team

The Sacramento Kings which are currently 13th in the Western Conference have announced that they are going to be building a brand new facility for their planned eSport ventures. Some people have speculated that the Sacremento Kings are planning to make their own league but that is very unlikely instead its likely that the Sacramento Kings want to get a head start in the 2K eSport scene probably by making their own team but also hosting 2k tournaments and cups in this new facility.

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They have only revealed a bit of information about the facility such as that it will feature internet speeds of 200gbps and will have a theatre like seating arrangement and also use 360 cameras for people watching the games during a live stream. That is all we know right now they have stated that their goal is to make it a state of the art facility both for training the biggest talent in the scene and also for hosting tournaments.

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