New Shooting Mechanics Coming To Fortnite Battle Royale

With countless complains about the shooting mechanics in popular battle royale game Fortnite Battle Royale with testing of the new shooting mechanics been available in early 2018.  The new shooting mechanics were actually supposed to be released in 2017 but for some reason things were pulled back, it might be something to do with the new map being released in January 2018 but still we can’t complain as Fortnite Battle Royale receives tons of frequent high quality upgrades constantly.

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The new shooting model will remove random bullet spread which is the reason many Fortnite Battle Royale players have complained that gun fights are somewhat based on luck compared to skill. This will make the game even better, they can also maybe look at fixing some of the OP weapons such as the pump shotgun which is just lethal at close range with many instances where I have died after being shot just once even though I had full health and full shield.

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