Overwatch Is Getting New Currency Just for eSport Skins

Nate Nanzer, the guy incharge of the official eSports Overwatch League has today revealed that a new rare and valuable currency will be used for buying eSports skins to dress up your characters allowing your whole team to look like a real unit.

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Some people wrongly speculated that anyone will just be able to make their own Overwatch team and just get their own unique skin however that is totally wrong, the reason why this is getting introduced is to allow the teams to profit from the skins that people buy allowing for in-game skin merchadise if you like. The merchandise will be called Overwatch League tokens which will be available for purchase from the Overwatch store. However, it has not yet been announced when this change is going to be implemented (it may just come suddenly unannounced) and also the price of the Overwatch Leauge tokens which we are almost sure will be more expensive than current eSports currency.

Some teams have already begun to reveal their own skins which can be seen below:

The revealed skins of Los Angeles Valiant

The up-coming skin of the San Fransisco Shock Overwatch team

Florida Mayhem’s revealed skin

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