Paladins Is Getting A Battle Royale Mode

Hero based squad shooter Paladins is going to be soon getting a Battle Royale mode which has got many people excited but has also started to get many people p*ssed off, as some people feel that literally, every popular first-person shooter game is now going to be getting a battle royale mode and turning into PUBG. The new battle royale mode in Paladins is set to be called “Battlegrounds” and will feature 100 players on a map 300 times the size of a regular Paladins map with essentially the same rules as those found in PUBG and its competitor Fortnite Battle Royale.


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However there is a catch, the Paladins battle royale mode will have no solo mode meaning you will still be part of a squad allowing for classes such as healers and ranged units to be still in favour. The CEO of Hi-Rez the developers of Paladins said “Just like Battlegrounds mode, obviously we didn’t invent anything even remotely close to that, but since our player-base really seems to love playing both PUBG and Fortnite, we figured we might as well give them a taste for that,”.

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