PUBG Breaks Personal Records: 3 Million Concurrent Players & 1.5 Million Cheating Bans

PUBG has again broken its personal records, it managed to hit 3 million concurrent players (people playing the game at the same time) making the game one of the most popular games on Steam right now and also an achievement they are likely to not want to talk as much about 1.5 million cheating bans again highlighting the absolutely huge cheating problem that PUBG and its competitor Fornite Battle Royale are suffering from.

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The official Steam Database revealed the data on Twitter and also featured a graph showing the meteoric growth rate of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds and a comparison with the three other most popular video games on the Steam platform. What also sparked great conversation is the number of bans, noting that they are obviously not all permanent bans have still not managed to resolve or even reduce the cheating problem in PUBG  but its at least showing that the PUBG corporation is at least doing something about it and maybe in the future the issue might start to get resolved.

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