PUBG Desert Map New Details Revealed

Bluehole Studios has said that this map is moving in the “opposite direction” in terms of the greenery and forestry from the original PUBG map. They have also released on steam a decent description of each of the eight regions of the new desert map.

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The name of the new map will be called Miramar with the current original map known as Erangel. Bluehole also added. “These aren’t the only fun places to visit, of course, but you will have to discover the rest of them on your own, Miramar will be playable during the final test round before PUBG hits version 1.0.”

We have included below all the images that have been released so far by Bluehole Studios:

Here we have an image of an industrial looking area in the new desert Miramar map.

And here we have another image of what to me looks like a military base complex and even a bit like a prison, we just have to wait and see.

Now its not really a surprise that there is what looks like an oil or mining operation with desert regions being historically rich in natural resources. It makes for a very interesting environment to fight in and hide in.

And the most exciting one for last, here we have an image of a pier, this comes with the confirmation of at least two new waterborne vehicles coming to the game that are yet to be confirmed.

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