PUBG Has Finally Left Early Access

PUBG has finally left early access after 9 months in early access, it was released in early access on the 20th of December at 11pm Pacific Time. It was made available after 5 hours of maintenance. The surprisingly successful indie game that was released in March released over 10 million copies sold in September, just 6 months after the game’s release.

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However, PUBG is only getting fully released on PC and it still remains in early access on Xbox One otherwise known as the Game Preview program but it should be coming soon as after all PUBG was added to the Xbox One just recently on 12th of December. PUBG can be credited with making the battle royale genre one of the biggest video game genres of 2017 and its only about to get bigger with many other games including GTA V, H1Z1, and Ark Survival Evolved adding battle royale modes to their games.

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