Removing Net Neutriality Will Harm eSports

After the disastrous decision by Ajit Pai and his cronies at the FCC decided to repeal net neutrality the whole internet went into a storm, the negatives clearly outweigh the positives (they are not many positives for the consumers).  The internet has contributed hundreds of billions to the global economy and now US companies want to be able to extort consumers and bully competitors.

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Now it will be even harder for tournament organizers, startup firms and future eSport stars to be able to benefit from the internet, with the companies now able to slow down their connection and quality behind the scenes with no one knowing if they are being targeted by their ISP leading to astronomical increase in the cost for everyone trying to make money on the internet. It will be like Electronic Arts or Ubisoft being your internet providers and you will need to pay for everything separated in chunks.However, the fight for Net Neutrality is not over here is what you can do.

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