Road Rash – The original and iconic motorbike racing game

In today’s modern world of online browser and console games there is a huge array of motorbike racing titles at our disposal. There are many different titles with flashy graphics, complicated gameplay and some ground-breaking racing mechanics. Despite the new titles we can play today, many people still remember classic titles that paved the way for this game genre. 

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Can you remember the iconic and legendary Road Rash? This was one of the original motorbike racing titles that brought a new type of gameplay mechanic to gamers worldwide – instead of a simple race, Road Rash allowed you to aggressively attack other competitors using punches, kicks and weapons to try and throw them from their bike! This type of violent racing had not been seen before and Road Rash was an instant success.

The original Road Rash title was released on the Sega Genesis console in 1991 making this classic over 25 years old! This racing game featured simple gameplay – you must ride your bike and compete against 14 other opponents on a two-lane public road. The game was created using sprite which is a 2D bitmap and the developers managed to build a smooth engine with graphics that were considered advanced for the time period. Aside from the basic violent single player gameplay, players could also take turns in a two player competition mode which was a huge amount of fun.

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Due to the success and popularity of the original Road Rash title, the series was developed and expanded. Only a year later, Road Rash 2 was released which built upon the original title and presented improved graphics and gameplay elements. Furthermore, Road Rash II added a split-screen game-mode in which friends could compete against each other. Subsequently, in 2000, Road Rash: Jailbreak was released for the next generation PlayStation console – this was the final title in the Road Rash series and presented 3D graphics. Spanning the course of 9 years, 6 titles were released in total for the Road Rash series and it remains the most popular and influential saga of this genre of fight-racing.

Sadly, the popularity of Road Rash dwindled and since 2000 and the release of Jailbreak, no new titles have been created and the series has come to an end. Different developers have attempted to revive this title and genre but to no avail. In October 2017, a promising title was released however that looks to bring back the fun and violence of the original Road Rash series – Road Redemption. This game features similar gameplay and it is clear that it takes inspiration from the iconic classic; Road Redemption however has advanced graphics and should take this genre into the next generation of games.

While Road Redemption looks to bring back some of the glory of the original Road Rash series, we still hope that other developers will look at this classic title and give it some love and attention. A series such as Road Rash that captivated a generation with its violent and fun arcade gameplay deserves to persevere!

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