Is Samus Aran Left Handed?

Technically Yes! Samus Aran was originally right handed, this has not been confirmed by the developers of the game Nintendo, however, it has been noted by many fans of the game that Samus Aran uses her right hand to shoot while she is in her Zero Suit however she also uses her left hand for everything else. However, the debate still continues with many fans arguing that Samus Aran is actually left handed so interpret it as you like.

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People who believe Samus Aran is left-handed argue that Samus Aran does everything else with her left hand apart from shooting which may mean that she has taught herself to shoot with her right hand so her dominant left hand can then be used for all the other interactions. But it all gets really confusing as in some games the hand used to shoot is the right hand but in the others (the earlies ones in the series) it is actually the left hand.

But it needs to be noted that the overall majority sees Samus Aran use her right hand to shoot.

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