Shanghai Aims To Become eSports Capital Of The World

Shanghai’s authorities have recently launched initiatives to boost the cities cultural, creative and entertainment industries with one of the goals set out is for Shanghai to one day become the eSport’s capital of the world. Some of the ways they are planning to achieve this is to invest in the construction of eSport stadiums, bring in more international eSport brands to China and offer initiatives for Chinese entrepreneurs and gamers to set up eSport team. The eSport industry in China especially is booming right now with the eSport industry in China rising to $11 billion in 2017 and the mobile eSport scene in China has grown by 104%.

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One reason for Shanghai’s growth in prominence in the eSport market is that Shanghai has the fastest internet in China and a massive internet cafe culture which is prominent in many countries in Asia that are also strong in the eSport scene such as South Korea and Japan.

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