Top 16 Video Games That Have Made The Most Money

#1 – Space Invaders ($13.9 billion)

Space Invaders is an arcade video game developed by legendary game developer Tomohiro Nishikado who is credited for being one of the people responsible for starting the golden age of video games. The game was first released in 1978 for the Taito 8080 arcade system. The aim of the game is to protect Earth from hordes of alien ‘space’ invaders by shooting them down by your ship before they reach your end of the screen all the while staying away from their crossfire.

#2 – Pac-Man ($12.8 billion)

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Pac-Man is another arcade video game on the list, it was released in 1980 by developers Namco and published by Midway. The game has been very successful and had multiple spin-offs all keeping true to the games arcade feel and classic design but with more modern features such as multiplayer modes and various tournament modes. The aim of the game is to control a yellow circular character with usually four enemies trying to catch you while eating pellets and a variety of other ‘special pellets’ which allow you to eat your opponents and some give you extra points.

#3 – Street Fighter 2 ($10.6 billion)

Street Fighter 2 was the game that made the Street Fighter franchise world famous, the fighting video game was developed and released by Capcom on the 30th of August 1987, the game is credited with establishing pretty much the laws and mechanics in the fighting video game genre.

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#4 – World Of Warcraft ($8.5 billion)

World Of Warcraft is a game that you can’t have not heard of, the MMO was the biggest online game during the mid 2000’s with its initial released in 2004 and now in 2017 (as of writing this article) the game is in its fourth release and continues to be very popular with concurrent players spiking everytime they release a new DLC. It continue to be a big money spinner for Blizzard.

#5 – CrossFire ($6.8 billion)

CrossFire is a video game that many people from the west will not have heard for, it is essentially like Counter Strike but it is one of the most popular video games in Asia. It was even the most profitable free game in the world in 2016 despite it only really being played in Asia.

#6 – Wii Sports ($6 billion)

Wii Sports was huge in the early 2000’s, it was the game to play because it was super fun and had the appeal of being at the time a revolutionary technology. The games used the Wii console remote to play a variety of sports from Tennis to Golf.

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#7 – Lineage ($5.7 billion)

Lineage is a medieval fantasy massively multiplayer online role-playing game developed by South Korean studio NSoft, the game is very popular in South Korea, China, Japan, Russia and in many English speaking countries. The original Lineage game was released in 1998 with 7 more versions or sequels being released with the latest being the mobile version in known as Lineage 2 M and another mobile only spin-off known as Lineage Red Knights.

#8 – Wii Fit ($5 billion)

Wii Fit is another game exclusive to the Wii console. The game is similar to Wii Sports as it requires the player to use their bodies as well as the Wii remotes as well as the Wii Balance Board peripheral. The Wii Fit is the third best selling console game of all time and the second best selling Wii console game with a total of 22.67 million copies sold.

#9 – Tetris ($5 billion)

Everyone knows Tetris especially if you had a Nokia phone during the 90s and early 2000’s where pretty much the only games you had on your phone was either Sudoku, Snake or Tetris. The game is very simple and does not require a lot of processing power to run and this is probably the reason why to this day it remains very popular, in my opinion its a timeless game that is here to stay for a long long time.

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#10 – Donkey Kong ($4.4 billion)

Donkey Kong is one of the original Nintendo characters, he has featured in countless of his own games and without him arguably Mario will not exist as Mario was featured in a Donkey Kong game first before Nintendo saw how popular he was and decided to make his own spinoff. The original Donkey Kong video game was an arcade game released in 1981 by Japanese game developer Shigeru Miyamoto and it improved to be a hit and Nintendo’s first truly big game.

#11 – Dungeon Fighter Online ($4 billion)

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Dungeon Fighter Online is a multiplayer PC beat em’ up game, the game was originally released in South Korea in 2005 and has spread around the world like wildfire with the games creators branching off into animes which significantly increase the gross profit of the game by a couple hundreds of millions.

#12 – Westward Journey Series ($3.9 billion)

Westward Journey is an MMORPG developed and published by Chinese game company NetEase, the game is ranked in the top 3 most popular video games in China with over 56 million registered users and close to 600,000 concurrent users.

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#13 – Puzzle & Dragons ($3.85 billion)

Puzzle & Dragons is a tile-matching puzzle game, it was a big success in Japan where it was downloaded 32 million times just a year and a half after its release and in 2015 it reached 50 million downloads. The game was the first mobile game in history to reach $1 billion in revenue.

#14 – GTA V ($4 billion)

GTA V was released in 2013 and made $1 billion just in its first 3 days of release and it continues to be one of the most popular games in the world and it is to date the most successful Grand Theft Auto game and also the best selling third person and open world game.

#15 – Minecraft ($4 billion)

Minecraft was released in 2011 by Markus Persson under his studio Mojang, the game was a huge success and despite a drop in popularity lately it continues to be one of the best selling games thanks to its recently released mobile and app store editios which are limited in a few ways but still allow Minecraft fans to play the game on the go.

#16- League Of Legends ($3.95 billion)

League Of Legends is a popular multiplayer online battle arena video game, it was released in 2009 by Riot Games. Since January 2014 official stats show that the game has 67 million players per month on average, with 27 million matches on average per day and 7.5 million players concurrently during peak hours in the day.

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