Top 5 Exceptional Alternatives To Pokemon GO


Ingress is a location based augmented reality video game developed by Niantic the same studio that developed Pokemon GO. What makes Ingress different from other augemented reality games is that it is also massively multiplayer. You can play against any player you meet, however instead of the game being player vs player. Player are instead in teams with each time they defeat a member of the opposite team or level up they contribute to their teams level.

The game’s story goes as follows, after the discovery of the Higgs Boson by scientist. It is then also discovered that the after is seeded with Exotic Matter associated with the mysterious alien race taking over Earth.

The gameplay is made up of a minimap and also a gameplay screen where the player can see all the ‘gameplay’ and action. Similar to Pokemon GO players must be near objects to interact with them, there is also a random placement system meaning that everyone has the same chance of finding something if he plays long enough.

AR Basketball

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A simple yet fun to play game. Ever wanted to play Basketball in the office but feel like you are playing it in real life? Well now you can!

Zombies, Run!

Zombie, Run! is a augemented game that was first focused on runners or walkers looking to spice up their out door activities. What is interesting about this game is that every time you go out you get to learn more about the game’s story. Which is by far the most developed I have ever seen or heard of in an augmented game.

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Night Terrors

Night Terrors is an augmented horror game for mobile devices. The game can transform or  nice suburban house into a house of your nightmares. You may believe that this is easy or boring as you know every root in your house but the game controls what you see and pretty much what you do. I mean you are unlikely to run straight into a screaming ghost of a dead nurse, right?


Towar is an up and coming location based augemented reality mobile game. Allowing you to build a virtual base in a unique location near you and built it up, collect resources, collect an army and also attack other players and defend yourself.

“As the story goes, the Towar world is full of raiders. These raiders have made it very unsafe for normal villages to sprout up. Farmers and fishermen aren’t as plentiful as they used to be. To make money, the citizens have taken up arms, fighting for gold. Thus, the Towar Universe is full of mercenaries – always looking for a fresh battle to join! When walking around town, these mercenaries will appear nearby on your map. Win these mercenaries over with gold. Each mercenary will charge you more or less gold, depending on your skill level in an augmented reality mini-game. Ranged mercenaries will require an augmented reality target practice, while melee units will test your skills in an augmented reality sword practice.”

The game us of writing this article is actually in fund raising stages. You can check it out and donate if you like here:

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