Top 5 Most Terrifying Virus Outbreaks In Video Games


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A mod that sold more copies than the original game it was based on called Arma 3, it is set in the fictional Soviet state of Chernarus the game allows you to roam massive areas trying to survive against zombies(which are pretty weak) and the most important factor other players. It is a great game which had great potential which is not being used up to its max, the game has been in beta for over 4 years now with no full release in site. 

The Division

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The Division is set in fictional Manhattan where the infection instantly started as a small smallpox epidemic which evolved into a zombie epidemic spreading via the banknotes being traded in the massive shopping centers in the city on big shopping days such as Black Friday and Christmas. With the virus being nicknamed in-game as ‘Green Poison’ and ‘Dollar Flu'(due to the way it spread.) The virus has no cure and eventually overruns the city destroying all of the civilization and the rules and morals that come with it making people fight for their survival. 

Resident Evil

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The first human developed virus on this list (Plague Inc. being the other one), the notorious Umbrella Corporation creating the infections in order to rule the world (cliche stuff), despite throughout the series the main protagonist of each game stopping, however, the zombies keep on recurring stronger and smarter(most of the time) 

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The Last of Us

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The Last of Us is imo out of the best games out there, it also has one of the best stories. The virus outbreak feels so realistic, it is just a normal day everyone is minding their business, you are driving down the road and then before you a group of zombies is there to eat your brains. Th outbreak of the virus is intense and as the official website describe the virus it is a ‘mutant Cordyceps fungus’ ravaging the United States, transforming its human hosts into cannibalistic monsters known as the infected. 

Plague Inc. Evolved

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The ultimate game when it comes to terrifying viruses in video games, this game allows you to create and evolve your own virus as well as bacteria and fungi. It is a strategy game where you have to decide what features to focus on, do you want to spread through plane or through rodents do you want to make your disease really infectious or really lethal at the risk of making it more noticeable and triggering the development of the anti-cure early. It is the latest game in the Plague Inc. series with it being released on the 16th of Jan 2016.


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