Top 8 Facts About The Playstation Consoles

The Shape
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The Playstation 4 is shaped as a parallelogram in order to for the power and eject buttons to be easier to press the power and eject buttons. 


SEGA/Nintendo Partnership
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Sony tried to partner with SEGA and later Nintendo to release a console together, however, SEGA’s directors refused and Nintendo’s CEOs famously broke the deal a day after it was announced. 


Talk about limited choice
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At the original release of the first Playstation console, there were only 8 games to choose from. It ranged from a driving sim called Ridge Racer and a shooter called Galaxian.

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First game
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The first major game released for the Playstation consoles was Motor Toon Grand Prix which later became the Gran Turismo Series. 


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Jack Tramiel the head of Atari threatened to report Sony to the International Trade Commission for anti-competitive behavior if it released the Playstation for under $300 to undercut competition in the US. However, Sony was a total savage and released it for $299 and nothing happened.


Minecraft Gift
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In 2013 Sony sent the founder Minecraft, Markus Persson received a gold Playstation as an invitation to the E3 conference. 

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That’s tight!
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2335 games in total were made for the PS1, all these game can easily fit on 33 PS4 discs today.


Talk about attention to detail
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In the intro startup screen, the more games you have played on your console the more white blocks will appear!

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